Monday 3rd April


Lockdown III has definitely been the cruelest episode in this trilogy. With no gigs, no rehearsal, and not even the chance to get together, it has been a quiet few months. 

So, we are excited to tell you that we are once again working with Into Tomorrow - to join August bank holiday's Feelgood Festival as headliners!

This team, in conjunction with the NE Volume bar-venue-magazine, always put on great events. So, having this locked into our summer 2021 (post-COVID lockdown) calendar really is a bonus.

We highly recommend that you get your tickets here quickly, as this is guaranteed to sell out!

Thursday 26th November


Right now, we all need a little bit of funky fun to take us off somewhere other than our living rooms. Well, look no further than Robots and Ice Cream's Holiday Space Mall!

That's right! Inspired by the continual disappointments of 2020, this event is a virtual walkthrough, a digital tour of delectable delights, brought to you by independent retailers, stockists and artists. What's more, it looks great!

This holiday season, Dan Beltran has refused to let the lockdown dampen his spirit and we're really pleased to be involved.

Head over to the official website and take a look at what's on offer. 

Thursday 12th November


Out now, is our latest release, and the first Happy Daggers to be released via Saint in the City Records.

Aurora is a smooth and soulful track that grooves and moves in a unique way for a Daggers track. As the nights draw in, we're glad we can bring you a track that shows another side to our sound: more chilled but with just as much feeling.

You can download and stream the single now, wherever you get your music.

Friday 30th October


It's officially time to announce we have signed a release contract with Saint in the City Records, for a forthcoming single. It is always humbling to be supported by great professionals we respect. So, when we were approached by the label, we couldn't wait to get started. 

Recently, SITC have been doing great things to support their artists, ensuring excellent exposure and new listeners for the music they release. 

We're proud to be brought into this fold and we can't wait to see where this collaboration takes us!

Monday 28th September

Coming out of lockdown has been a little strange for everybody. Those slight changes to bring us closer to normality have both been exciting and unnerving all at the same time. 

Recently, we finally managed to get into the studio, for the first time in 2020! This feels like it's been a long time coming and it was just as amazing as ever to get back in the Penthouse - with our trusty compadre Ed Heaton. 

Just when we thought it was safe to move ahead with our new release plans though, Leeds (and much of Yorkshire) has been placed under more stringent restrictions again! So, although we've had a great time getting back to what we love doing best, we're not sure when we'll actually be able to get some of these new tracks finished...


Friday 31st July


It's been a closely guarded secret for a few months, but today we can unveil the remix we created, during lockdown, for Lucky Iris

The track is a re-working of Glitter Vision, which is taken from the duo's debut EP Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home. We love the fact Jasper and Maeve gave us the green light to flex our production muscles a bit further, allowing us to do a remix for them. Take a listen to and buy the track here, or wherever you get your music!

Saturday 25th July


If you've been keeping your eye on our @HappyDaggers social accounts you will know that something is going on today. In conjunction with The Cabinet of Lost Secrets stage and the wider Nozstock Festival team, we will be performing as part of their live virtual festival - at 14:30.

Please head to the following link to watch our set, then be sure to check out the rest of the excellent line-up throughout the day. 

We have to say a huge thanks to the organisers for keeping us all going, in this crazy time. We may not be on site, but we can all still enjoy some great live music and soak up the atmosphere this weekend!

Friday 25th June


Today marks the release of our second lockdown remix. This time we have an re-working of our Alt-Pop and Disco inspired track, L.A. Baby. 

The track is available for digital download and to stream in all the usual places. Head to our Apple Music, Deezer or our Spotify page to check it out!

Tuesday 2nd June


Today brings a unique opportunity. A chance for everybody associated with music to add their voices to a vitally important cause. 

Since its birth, the modern music industry has thrived on the backs of black voices. In good times and often in difficult ones, black artists and black culture has been at the core of musical progression. So, it really is fitting that the industry recognises a need for reflection.

The most powerful element of this action is the call to stop and think about your community and what you can do to help. It doesn't matter if we live across an ocean from where this issue is most acute; we all have a responsibility to actively take a stand to prevent prejudice and promote social change. 

You may have a conversation with somebody who does not understand #blacklivesmatter or the need for this most recent cry for civil rights. If you do, this is not a time to stay silent. Instead, have a discussion about what you think and what you feel. Question whether black Americans and any minority citizen is treated equally across the globe. Is it right that an innocent human being should be killed while being taken into custody? How would you feel if your daughter was shot through the window of her house by a police officer? If you had a dispute with somebody in the street, would you call the police and say you felt your life was under threat?

These are all important questions and we should not be afraid to ask them. 

Whatever happens today, the reality is this issue will not go away. All we can do is keep moving forward positively and try to make a difference in our own communities.

HD x

Friday 29th May


We are really pleased with the response to the remix, released a week ago. So far, the track has been added to several playlists: including Music To Shake a Hoof, Lucky Iris (Jasper's Jams), Thierry von der Warth's Summer Vibes 2020 and Spotify's Release Radar.

All of your support is amazing and we really appreciate it. Please keep sharing the track and letting people know about our first summer lockdown remix of the year. 

Friday 22nd May


It's safe to say, the past few months have been a strange and difficult time for everybody. Most of you have had plans changed, rearranged and cancelled. It has been the same for us here, our intention to finish some new ideas and head back into the studio were thrown out of the window months ago now. So, without the ability to make music in the fashion we're accustomed to, we decided to do something different. 

Today, the result of our work in isolation has been revealed. An upbeat and soulful House remix of Hold It Down, dubbed the 'Domicile Disco Remix', is now available on streaming platforms and to purchase digitally.

Take a listen and let us know what you think. Who knows, if you're nice we might release another one soon...

UVA COVER Hollie 2a editjpg

Monday 27th January


Norman Jay MBEjpg

We have to give an absolutely huge shout to Norman Jay MBE, and the rest of the team at Craig Charles' 6 Music Funk and Soul Show, for giving Hold It Down another spin this weekend.

It may not be the first time we've been featured on the station, but we are still completely humbled by our music being selected. We have to say thanks to everybody behind the scenes who helps to make these things happen, continuing to support us in our funky journey!

You can check out the full episode here, on the official 6 Music page.

Wednesday 25th December


We’ve said this already this year, but one of the best things about 2019 has been how much we’ve broadened our horizons to hear some excellent new music out there. It’s been hard, at times in the past, to find kindred musical spirits out there. But, this year has really shown us that groove driven singles are not a thing of the past.  

Our 2019 So Far playlist ended up being crammed with over 100 tracks, so we decided to cut this down to an essential second playlist of the best 30 tracks of the year. If you already haven’t taken a listen to these tracks, we really encourage you to check them out. The top 10 is filled with songs that will long be featured at Daggers’ future DJ sets, with many of these acts hopefully coming our way in 2020 for a live show.  

You can take a listen for yourself here, but here’s a full run-down of the list: 

1.     Part Time Lover -  The PB Underground

2.     The Tuxedo Way – Tuxedo

3.     Highly Compatible – The Motet

4.     Limited World – Cory Wong

5.     Late Night Feelings – Mark Ronson (feat Lykke Li)

6.     Disco Yes – Tom Misch

7.     Lightenup – Parcels

8.     Something in The Water – Harvey Sutherland

9.     Flyers Direct­ – The Fearless Flyers

10. Gravitate – Oscar Jerome

11. Peach – The Goods

12. Ocean Eyes – Twin Theory

13. .img – Brother Theodore

14. Something To Do – IGBO

15. I’ll Be Loving You – Kraak & Smaak

16. Stepping Back in Time – Bassel & the Supernaturals

17. Rolling into One – Jordan Rakei

18. Money is a Memory – Field Music

19. Hungry Like a Puppy – Jodie Abacus

20. Before – Adeline

21. I Want Magic – Izo FitzRoy

22. Intoxicated – Pomo

23. I Know You Too Well – Reuben James

24. Keep The Faith – Moon Boots

25. Baby On The Moon – Kan Sano

26. New Disco – Chair Model

27. Disco Ulysses – Vulfpeck

28. Mad Love – Blu DeTiger

29. Your Touch – The Apx

30. Something to Talk About – Jean Tonique

Friday 13th December


As we come up to the end of the year and the start of the holiday season, be sure to check out our socials @HappyDaggers

We’ll be running down our favourite music of 2019, heading out for our Christmas ‘Office Party’ and looking back over what has been an amazing year.

Monday 18th November


It's been a wonderful year so far, but as time moves on it's even more amazing that we're still getting support for Ultraviolet Animals.  Recently, tracks from the album have been played by FeelinAlright, Radio KC (in France) and W Radio Mexico.

We have to say a huge thanks to all the stations, playlisters and music lovers out there who are still discovering, listening to and sharing our music. It's great to know so many of you are out there and we're already excited to bring you more new music in 2020!

Tuesday 2nd October


Thanks to the team at HMV Leeds, lead by their local release legend Matthew, Ultraviolet Animals can now be purchased in-store! If you haven't got your hands on a physical copy, head into town and grab one while you can.


Friday 27th September



It may seem like it isn't long since we gave you an update on this, but that's kinda the point! Songs from our debut album Ultraviolet Animals, have now reached 100k streams, on Spotify. 

We love the fact that so many of you have taken a listen to our latest music, but it's even more exciting to see that so many of you are tuning in from all over the world. Keep it coming guys and we'll have something fresh for you very soon!

Friday 20th September


Many of you may know that this has been a pretty busy summer for two members of the band, but for a different reason that usual. Adding to the previous baby Daggers in the group, we now have two extra additions, so it's safe to say that our musical legacy might have more legs than we might have originally thought.

It's been an amazing summer getting used to being parents and spending time together as a group. Unlike some bands, we don't just stop talking when we close the practice room doors, being in Happy Daggers is definitely like having an extended family. 

That being sad, this week it was amazing to wipe the vey thin layer of dust off our instruments and get back into the practice room. Back to our spiritual home, The Rock and Roll Circus, LeedsWe've already started working on some new material and we're also in the process of working on plans to get some shows in the diary.

Thanks to all of you who have sent us your best wishes and we look forward to closing out 2019 in style!

Monday 2nd September


We're still fortunate enough to be receiving updates about new playlist additions, with 'Hold It Down' (and other tracks from  Ultraviolet Animals) being picked by selectors from around the world. 

This time, the wonderful team at Tranquil Road Records have added our track to their funky Get The House Clean playlist on Spotify. Huge thanks to these guys for the addition and to everyone else who has added us to their personal top tracks recently!

Wednesday 14th August


There's a lot going on behind the scenes for us as Happy Daggers at the moment. Make sure you keep in touch with all that's happening on our socials. We're particularly excited about our 'Disco and Funky Dips' selections on our Instagram and Facebook stories. 

If you're looking for us online, remember it's @HappyDaggers!

Thursday 1st August


If there's one thing that has really come home to us this year it's just how much excellent new music is being produced and released - each week! Although some people are solely locked into the world of top charts from their favourite radio stations, the truth is that with just a little bit of digging you can find so many new favourite tracks. 

We usually put together a little playlist for ourselves, but this year we have found so many tracks that fit our perfect love of a groove that we're intent on sharing it with you all. Recent picks include new tracks from: Tuxedo, Twin Theory, Kraak and Smaak (featuring Izo FitzRoy), Moon Boots, Dr Vades, The Pb Underground, Vulfpeck and The Fearless Flyers.

To take a listen and follow the playlist for further updates, head to Spotify. We'd also love any recommendations as we're keen on making this a comprehensive list of the best new music out there!

Wednesday 24th July


We're fortunate enough to be able to head off to festivals all over the country, each year. Sometimes, we head to an event we haven't been to before and when that happens we love to tell you all about it. 

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to be on the bill at Bromyard's Nozstock Festival. Depending on where you are in the country, you may not have heard of this little gem. But, let us enlighten you...

The main thing to say here is that the event has a real genuine sense of warmth and comfortable familiarity that can only come from an expanding festival, with family roots. As you wander around the site, a mixture of younger and older patrons are all mixed together, having a great time but more importantly creating an excellent atmosphere. We were greeted by warm, friendly, and professional staff at the Cabinet of Lost Secrets stage.

 This being said, the site or the scope of the festival is not small. With headliners this year being: Rudimental, Soul II Soul, and the legendary David Rodigan, it's clear that this is a quality live music festival. 

We know that so many of you love to head to new events each year, so for 2020 we highly recommend heading to Nozstock!

Wednesday 17th July


Jordans Guitar in Studiojpg

We released our debut album just over a month ago. But, we're no slouches here at HD headquarters. So, we're already working on something fresh that we're hoping to bring to you very soon. 

All we can say for now is that we're once again working with the legendary Ed Heaton and after this week's session we're already well on our way.

Keep a look out for more updates!

Monday 15th July


This is always our favourite time of the year, when the sun comes out and we head off to various events around the country. This weekend saw us gracing the stage of Bradford Festival, for the second time in the past few years. 

It's really obvious how much this event, in the heart of Bradford's central City Park, has grown. With a huge stage, a host of excellent entertainment and the crowds to match on a sunny day, this really was a big step forward for the annual event. 

We have to give an absolutely huge shout to the audience, who were amazing. We've already heard from some of you - with comments, pictures and videos. But, as usual, please keep them coming to @HappyDaggers on socials or if it's a large file. 

Unfortunately we had to cut our set short, due to issues with the festival's timings. We weren't told about this beforehand, but we always aim to be professional so decided to acquiesce. Thanks to everybody who said they would have liked to have seen more: hopefully we'll be back on a stage near you very soon! 

Also, a huge shout to Chris Dyson Photography, for the excellent images below:

Sunday 23rd June



It's only been two weeks since the release of the album and we've already had over 20k streams of Ultraviolet Animals - on Spotify.

We're obviously thrilled to have such an excellent response so quickly to this release. It's been a labour of love for us and we're just happy people are getting to hear it. We're especially pleased to see people listening from all around the world too, thanks to the help we've been given by Spotify Artists and the word being spread by you guys out there. 

Please keep listening, sharing, liking and following. Who know, with so many new people tuning in, we may have to get back in the studio sooner than we planned!

Tuesday 18th June

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 180211png

If you haven't been able to catch our past few shows, and pick up a physical copy of the album, then you can head over to our official Bandcamp page and get your hands on one from there. An order of an Ultraviolet Animals CD comes in a limited edition gatefold case - with printed physical CD, reverse and inlay cover art (designed by Hollie Revell), album credits, a free digital download code inside, and a free sticker! 

Our Bandcamp store has also been updated to include a limited run of Happy Daggers and Phat Mannequin badges (only 20 left in stock!). So, to all those lovely people out there who have been listening to the album recently, get your orders in and get your hands on some limited edition Daggers merchandise. We are shipping to Europe and Internationally. So it doesn't matter where you are tuning in from, we'll be sure to get the goods to you.

Tuesday 11th June


This week sees the album release train takes us to Huddersfield's premium funky venue, Northern Quarter. We have played this lovely little venue in the past and always had a great time there. If you want to check out the vibe, head to our posts from last year's Onwards Festival and have a look at our video.  

We'll have our trunk of funky merchandise with us too. So, if you haven't got a physical copy of Ultraviolet Animals then you will be able to on the night. 

Monday 10th June


all funked upjpeg

It was pretty hard to image that our weekend could get better, but we received even more amazing news on Saturday. The editorial team at Spotify have placed Hold It Down on their All Funked Up playlist!

This selection of music is riddled with grooves and features some acts we genuinely love, including: Chaka Khan, The Haggis Horns, Tuxedo and Eric Benét.

Any support is always gratefully received here. But, being placed on such an amazing playlist followed by so many people out there who love the sort of music we make... well, that's just amazing! 

We have to say a huge thank you to the Spotify team and to anybody behind the scenes who helped to make this happen. We've already seen a huge jump in listeners from around the world. So, if you're here because of the All Funked Up playlist, thanks for taking an interest in the band and be sure to stick around!

Friday 7th June


album coverjpg

The day has finally arrived! So, all that's left to say is: GO CHECK IT OUT!

Monday 29th May


Reviews of our music are always great to receive. But, when the review is actually a preview and features the most amazing compliments about our music, it really is something to shout about!

Absolutely huge love and thanks to Abi Whistance for writing the piece, the Yorkshire Post and Evening Post for publishing it, and Duncan Seaman for helping to share it.

You can read the full review here, and get your hands on a copy of the album on June 7th.

Friday 24th May


Cellular Daylight - Artworkjpg

As we move closer to the final unveiling of the debut album, we've got another taste for you today with the release of our latest single: 'Cellular Daylight'. 

This dreamy track is perfect for a headphones moment. So, get stuck in and take a listen wherever you get your music from!

Wednesday 22nd May


We are thrilled to announce that our summer festival line-up is filling up, with the addition of Bradford Festival, on Friday 12th July. We love this event in the centre of the City Park area. So, we're really pleased the team asked us to join the bill.

Head to the official site to check out details of all of the acts and events scheduled for the festival.

Monday 13th May


As always, time is moving on so quickly. We're still working away behind the scenes to make the release and the launch gig a special one.

So, we're pleased to be able to announce that Askies  and Kula Bay have been added to the line-up for the event. These guys are going to really help to bring some energy and an extra touch of class to the event. Head over to their respective pages and check out their music ahead of the night.

Also added to the event is good friend of ours, legendary musician in his own write and (for us on the night) DJ Sam Airey. After the live fun is over, he'll be helping us to celebrate by keeping the music moving from the iconic booth by the bar. 

Remember, on the night, you'll be able to get your hands on a physical copy of the album - as well as other merch treats and souvenirs.  It's obviously a huge one for us, so we can't wait to see you all there!

Sunday 28th April



We've had some amazing updates lately, but yesterday was definitely the best one so far!

BBC Radio 6Music's king of funk, Craig Charles, gave Hold It Down a spin on his Funk and Soul Show last night.

Sandwiched in-between some old and new classics, we were definitely humbled to hear our track played on the show. We all know that 6Music has been an amazing supporter of new music, spanning across so many genres. But, it's amazing to be one of the acts that actually benefits from this. 

If you're not a regular listener to the show, be sure to take a listen, and let us know what you think!

Tuesday 16th April


We've had more positive feedback on the single, with an international review posted on the Phongraph-me blog. I'm not sure about you, but our Portuguese isn't great! But, we have a reliable source who tells us that the words in this article are all good!

So, we have to give a huge thanks to Chavininha for the kind words and the inclusion on the page. If, like us, you're looking to get your music out to a wider audience then head over to the Phonograph Me website, take a look at the music they cover and then send your music across. 

Cheers, or should we say: 'obrigado'!

Monday 15th April


The amazing Underdogs team, fronted by lairy local lass Lucy Leeds, have only gone and recommended Hold It Down to the Union Jack Radio 9 at 9 show.

This unique opportunity gives us another chance to have our latest track played nationally. All we need from you all is a little bit of help. So, at 9pm tonight (and every night this week) please head to the Underdogs: 9 at 9 website and vote for us.  You need to head to the red 'Song Alerts tab, search for us and then like the track. 

If you're on the move, you can also give us a boost by downloading the Union Jack app and voting that way. Then, with enough votes, we can hopefully secure a place on the show!

Once again, thanks for all your support recently guys. It means a lot to us, and is really helping us get the track out there. Also, thanks to the Underdog team and Union Jack Radio for supporting us and new music.

Monday 8th April



Over the past few days, we've had quite a few spins from the lovely people at Radio Wigwam. As we've already mentioned this wonderful online station is a great portal for discovering new music. 

We just wanted to take a minute to give a huge thanks to the guys at the station, and particularly on the BANDwagon show, for putting Hold It Down forward as a track for regular rotation. 

If you haven't already, be sure to take a listen to their official website and take a listen. 

Friday 5th April


As another amazing week draws to a close, we're definitely already got lots to celebrate, but first there's more news to bring you.

Yesterday saw us included in two new features. Firstly, The Dutch Guy came through for us once again, featuring Hold It Down on his KickASSJams website. We're obviously grateful for this continued support, but it's even exciting to know that this long-term supporter of our music is heading back onto the airwaves soon. So, make sure you keep your eyes on his social-feed and website, to hear more of his great musical picks over the coming months. 

The track was also added to another Spotify playlist yesterday, this time Talk About Pop's 'The Listening Room'. Alongside more great new music, we're really pleased to be added to this ever-expanding selection. Be sure to not only check out this particular compilation, but also all the others out there by this curator. 

Hopefully, over the weekend and next week, we'll be able to bring you even more exciting updates, but for now we need to keep them hush, put our feet up, and maybe have a beverage or two!

Thursday 4th April


A huge thanks to the Underdog team, at Union JACK radio, for giving Hold It Down a spin. But, more than that, we have to give some love to the fabulously lively Lucy Leeds for interviewing Jon. She's from our end of't country, tha kno's!

If you weren't able to catch the show live yesterday, head over to the Union JACK Radioplayer and take a listen to the show ("Feng Shwuck") while you still can. 

Wednesday 3rd April


Artists are often asked about their influences, and at the time of new releases we've been chatting to various people about the music that has classically inspired us. It's also been amazing recently to have a think about some of the contemporary music we love too.

So, what exactly are we talking about? Well, the Daggers' manifesto is heavily groove driven. The rhythm section is tight, thick, and smooth - at times utilising elements of disco and funk, from Kool & The Gang to Parliament. Meanwhile, the guitars drive melody and tempo in the style immortalised by Nile Rogers, and the vocal delivery/melody floats somewhere between being infectiously choral throughout (ala Sister Sledge) and having a tangible feeling of authentic soul.  Additional extras include: a slice of edgy guitar work (that feels closer to indie-pop), real authentic and unmistakable brass, and versatile keys that could either fit on a Georgio Moroder track or something more tranquilly traditional like Rene & Angela's Love You More.

The result of stirring this pot of musical ingredients is, as we see it, tracks like the ones currently being played in heavy rotation on our 2019 So Far playlist. Featuring some amazing work from acts like: Kraak and Smaak, Parcels, Tom Misch, Harvey Sutherland and others, we've really enjoyed finding these tracks and we're sure you will too.

To take a listen yourself, head over to Spotify. And, if you like what you hear give the playlist a follow and a share.

Tuesday 2nd April


We've just been told that we'll be featured on this week's BANDwagon show, on Radio Wigwam tomorrow. 

With an international following, and content curated from a host of global sources, the show will firstly be broadcast in the UK at 9pm. But, if you're a North American you can also catch the show at 9pm EST and 9pm PST. 

Simply follow this link to the official website, and Enjoy!

Monday 1st April


A week ago, we reported a great first weekend following the release of 'Hold It Down'. After a full first week, we're really pleased to report that the rest of the week was just as fulfilling. 

We have to start again by saying thank you to all of the people who have taken the time to listen, share, and comment on the track and the accompanying video. 

A massive thanks also has to go out to all of the stations, playlisters, and online shows that have taken the time to listen to the track and either feature it, review it, or play it on their shows. Obviously, this is so important in helping us get the track out there to a wider audience. 

To check out these features individually (and also by way of a specific thank you), check out the following links for:  BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, Shell Zenner's show on Amazing RadioThis Feeling's Best New Bands playlist, the Yorkshire Music Collective show on BCB Radio, Radio Kaos Caribou, Banks Radio Promotion and Valley FM 89.5 (from Australia!), New Music Saturday with Dr. Bones and Mike Five, the amazing videographer Leeds Gigs, Jesse Zeldon's ridiculously funky Spotify playlist, Feelin Alright promotions on 102.4 FM, Hot Waxx Leeds, The Sound Lab, a lovely review on Jansen's Jams and a great interview on Chat & Spin Radio!

Thanks to all of you, it really has been a great week. Now, let's keep it going and make sure as many people as possible can get to hear this track.

Monday 25th March


It has been a great weekend, with the release of the Hold It Down. Firstly, thanks for all of the support we've got from you guys. After having such a focused period putting things together, it has been great recently to get back on stage in-front of people (at the Red Rum Club gig). Now, putting some music back out there, it has been amazing to have such a positive response. 

We've also been supported once again by BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, with a spin and some very kind words on Saturday's show. Take a listen to us, and the rest of the amazing local talent on the show here. You can also take a listen to the track, and add it to your own playlist on the BBC Sounds platform, as we have just recently been given a profile that features this latest release!

Thanks again everyone, and keep on listening and sharing. We'll keep you updated with the rest of the news and features over the rest of the week.

Friday 22nd March


We can now share the first single from our forthcoming album. Hold It Down is available to buy and keep now on Apple Music, Amazon and elsewhere. The track can also be streamed on Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer, or wherever you listen to your music. 

That's not all we've got for you today though. Check out the cheeky little slice of nostalgia we've got  for you on Youtube. It really is true, they don't make 'em like this anymore!


Monday 18th March


WOW! What an absolutely ridiculous evening we had on Saturday. Whenever we play Brudenell Social Club there is always an amazing atmosphere, but there really was something special going on this weekend. Thanks to the fabulous team at This Feeling, we were involved in a slick production from the very start. With all bands, management, and eventually fans, coming together just for the enjoyment of great music. 

More has to be said about the powerful, energetic and fierce sound of Liverpool's current number 1 sons - Red Rum Club. Not only did they blow the roof off a venue that has a very high threshold for excellent performances, they were also great people to share a dressing room with!

We'll be bringing you more updates over the next few days, with pictures, video and links to some emerging reviews too - as well as our comments on the specifics of the gig, including the great opening set from Everyday People.

For now, thanks to all involved and ON TO THE NEXT ONE!

Tuesday 12th March


It's rare that we have to make an announcement like this, but we have disappointing news. Into Tomorrow's Feelgood Festival has now been postponed. Due to take place on the 25th May, at TS1, the team behind the event have made the decision due to concerns about the the BBC Big Weekend, which is now to take place in Middlesborough on the same weekend. 

Although this is a great coup for the city, some are concerned it will actually take people away from the ever thriving city centre itself. Hopefully, this won't be the case, and this bank holiday weekend will see this great city filled with fresh people in all places.

We'll keep you updated on a future date, and whether we are once again slotted to headline it. We really hope it comes off, as it is always great to get involved with one of Diz's events, in the North East.

Saturday 10th March


We are now only one week away from our gig with Red Rum Club gig at the Brudenell Social Club. It's been confirmed by our inside sources that tickets for this one are very close to selling out, as have many of the other dates on this tour. So, make sure you get hold of yours before it's too late. 

Please get in touch with us if you want us to get a ticket to you. Alternatively, head over to our Facebook page and follow the link there. 

Monday 4th March


Take a look at our little campaign for the upcoming Brudenell gig, supporting Red Rum Club and alongside Everyday People. The question is, have you got yours...? 

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Wednesday 27th February


Thanks to the excellent people from This Feeling we have been added to their 'best new bands' Deezer playlist. Alongside the other excellent acts involved in the Red Rum Club gig and many more the team have promoted recently, we're pleased to be a recent edition to the plethora of excellent local and national acts.

With the 16th March approaching fast and with tickets almost sold out, make sure you get yours and then take a listen to the sounds of all involved on the night.

this feelingpng

Monday 25th February


There really is a bit of a spring vibe in the air at the minute. For us, this means we're gradually being told we can reveal more of our upcoming summer calendar to you. Last week, we had the amazing looking Nozstock, now we have another fabulous Feelgood Festival for you:

Feelgood Festival 2png

We're really excited to be working with the Into Tomorrow team again, 'Diz' and his crew have been excellent getting us up to the North East in the past - always with great results. 

We'll be in touch with more information soon, but take a look at this lineup: we're headlining.

Thursday 21st February


The unveiling of our album is going to be a welcome reason to celebrate this year. What better way than to throw our bags in the van and get back on the road. 

With that in mind, here's the first of our festival announcements: Nozstock - in the Hidden Valley. This one looks like it will be another very special event to be involved in. With some excellent headliners already announced, and even more to come, we're thrilled to be involved in this event. The music, and more importantly the ethos, syncs with us perfectly. So, if you're anywhere near: get involved!


Wednesday 6th February


Ahead of embarking on their tour, which features the coming date at Brudenell Social Club on Saturday March 16th, Red Rum Club will be performing a live set online.

If you head over to the Pirate Studios' Facebook page at 6pm tonight. 

The set will give you all a chance to check out the band and get yourselves ready for the forthcoming gig. Also, remember if you still haven't got your tickets yet for the gig, give us a message (on any of our socials) or send us an email ( and we'll get them out to you.

Monday 21st January



We are really excited to be able to tell you all about our next coming gig. Recently, we confirmed a support slot on the This Feeling organised show, featuring Liverpool's very own Red Rum Club as headliners on the night. 

Tickets are now available for the event, so get in touch with us if you want to get your hands on one.

Wednesday 9th January


We may still be working away in the studio, getting close to the end of our album. But, we're also excited to be able to bring you some gig news vey soon too. Keep your eyes peeled for our updates, here and on all of our socials.

Monday 3rd December


Working on this album has been a crazy process, taking a longer period of time than we initially thought it would and showing us exactly what we're capable of creatively.

So, with the project continuing we felt it was important to keep documenting too. 

With that in mind, head over to our Facebook page to watch the latest instalment of our making of documentary: 'Behind The Groove'. This episode features an intro from Tommi, a nice little summary of the current state of play from producer Ed Heaton, and clips of Emma Johnson, Simon Dennis, and Rosie Nicholl adding their wonderful brass talents to the tracks (live in the Leeds Becket studio).

Although this is only a brief update, keep your eyes peeled as we'll be adding more soon - with a final full documentary to be available when the album drops.

Monday 19th November


To give you a little taster of what's to come, both live and in the forthcoming album, we've put a little video up of us performing one of our new tracks online.

Head over to our official YouTube page to check out the live track, which was taken from our most recent performance at the Onwards Festival in Huddersfield.

Saturday 13th October


With it being National Album Day, and with our own album still in production, we urge you to check out the latest offering from our own Adam Hunte, AKA Flash Cassette.

His recently released second album under his solo pseudonym is an amazing slice of synth funk that, if you stumbled across any of the tracks via your Discover Weekly playlist, you'd be forgiven for thinking you'd uncovered a lost early 80's gem.

Whilst it was his first record that made us realise we needed to add Flash, his musical style and unquestionable abilities as a keyboardist to our ranks, this release really feels like the work of an artist that has matured as a producer, unlocking a greater depth and variety in sound whilst creating a true body of work with a clear sonic theme running throughout.

There has also been a movement away from the purely instrumental nature of the debut record, with vocal samples used to excellent effect, particularly on the insatiably catchy Midnight Machine, and the introduction of a number of guest vocalists bringing a welcome new dimension to the Flash Cassette formula - if you listen to the disco drenched Waiting On You you may hear someone familiar.

For an album unmistakably driven by nostalgia for a time when sequels flooded the silver screen, II is definitely more Terminator than Teen Wolf.

Monday 24th September


Reminder that our next gig will be at The Northern Quarter in Huddersfield on 29/09.

Tickets and details for the full event, including all the great acts and all the venues here

Monday 3rd September


Massive love to everyone that came to see us play over the weekend.

After spending so much time in the studio this year we loved playing our new songs for you and the amazing response has definitely given us faith in what we have been working so hard on behind the scenes.

Thanks to all at Goatfest for making us so welcome to the Oporto team for being their ever lovely selves

Our next gig is Onwards Festival at The Northern Quarter in Huddersfield on 29/09. More info here

Wednesday 22nd August


This weekend, we've got two  amazing events for you! A festival jaunt down to Goatfest, and a welcome return to our favourite Leeds bar - Oporto.

Friday 10th August


It feels like a very long time since we told you all we were starting work on our album. 

So far, it's been a pretty exciting and liberating experience, with all of us working our hardest to pull together our ideas and creative vision to bring these songs to you. 

With that in mind, we're definitely happy to report that progress is coming along really well. Continuing to work with the Wonderful Ed Heaton, at a range of locations including The Penthouse and The Coalroom, the sound is really starting to take shape and we think we might be able to make this LP something we can be proud of.

Keep your eyes on us as we continue to push this project forward, and we want to say a huge thanks to everybody who is, has been, or will be involved!

HD x

Monday 6th August


We enjoyed our night at The Northern Quarter in Huddersfield last month that we've decided to do it all again! 

Thanks very much to Jasper and the team for having us back as part of the lineup for this year's Onwards Festival, which will take place on Saturday 29th September.

Follow the event and get more info about the festival here

Wednesday 25th July


We're really pleased to have been asked to close Oporto's annual Bank Holiday charity shindig. 

We're big fans of the bar, both as performers and drunken revellers, and this will be our first time playing on their brand new stage

All proceeds go the the Help Musicians charity and the lineup boasts some amazing local talent.

Come and finish off your bank holiday in style!

Friday 14th June 


The full lineup for Goatfest is in and we're in very good company!

Excited to be part of the festival's 10th birthday celebrations. Tickets are an absolute steal and we have been assured that the vibes will be strong

More info at the website:

Monday 4th June


This Friday we will be in Huddersfield, performing at new venue The Northern Quarter for the first time.

Really pleased to be part of an exciting programme of events that the guys there are bringing to the town.

Support comes from the excellent Run The River. Check them out here:

More details here

Monday 28th May


A bank holiday featuring two top gigs, and a lot more amazing people, is definitely what we're about. Both Orange Pip Market and Rhubarbfest were great this weekend, so thanks to all who attended and got into the spirit of things. 

For those that missed out, check out some of these amazing pictures below:

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Friday 13th April


Our run of gigs this summer is kicking off with a big Bank Holiday Weekend in May (more to follow), including a return to the north east for Orange Pip Market, a music, food and arts event in the heart of Middlesbrough's independent district.

Teesside has always been very good to us in the past and we know that this will be no exception.

Monday 2nd April


We will be bringing our fresh tracks (and a few old ones) to Huddersfield on Friday 8th June, to perform for the first time at the new event space Northern Quarter.

The guys at Northern Quarter curate an exciting and varied calendar of events and we've heard fantastic things about the venue. More details to follow re support acts, but this promises to be a top night at a fantastic new independent venue

Get involved here and check out the Facebook event.

Wednesday 21st March


After months of writing and recording we are very excited to be returning to the live stage this summer, with a fresh set full of brand new material.

The first of a number of gig announcements is this beauty in Hertforshire. Goatfest looks set to be an amazing weekend with a great mix of iconic acts and incredible up and coming talent.

Tickets are currently a bargain at £25 but word is they are close to selling out. Get yours here.

Sunday 18th March


Since we know demand is pretty high for the 90s Takeover, we have decided to put two of our own tickets on the line! All you need to do is go to our official Facebook page, share our latest pinned video, and comment with your suggestions for what we should call our album. 

The best response wins 2 tickets to this amazing event! So... GET SHARING!

Sunday 4th March


There's been plenty of chat here, about our plans and activity, but we thought we should show you all a little bit more of what is actually going on. 

With that in mind, head over to our official Facebook page and check out part 1 of 'Behind The Groove'.

These episodes will hopefully give you a sneak preview into the production process, what is motivating us, and what some of the tracks might sound like in their early stages. 

Wednesday 28th February


Even though we're deep into studio recording sessions, we're still keeping our hats in the ring with a cheeky DJ set at this sold out Takeover event.

Like the 80s Takeover before it, this night will take its audience on a tour through the authentic sounds of the decade. Unlike a typical throwback, this night will feature the best music of the time - played by some of the DJs who were actually on the scene, in a range of rooms in Sunbridge Wells.

Unfortunately, if you're wanting to come down and you don't have a ticket you may be out of luck. Keep your eyes on this website and our socials though, as we might have a little treat for a few of you...

Monday 12th February


In today's session, as well as working on some more guitar parts, Ford decided to get his talk box out. We're hoping the result will be more Dre than Cher, but we'll let you be the judge of that!

Sunday 21st January


Today, we returned to the The Penthouse for our first guitar session, with Ed. 

Jord has been throwing down a succession of funky licks all day. Word is, this young man may be leaving the country for a spell in a short while. So, we may have to keep him locked in the bathroom here, until he's finished all his homework!

Tuesday 9th January


We're not quite sure what phase of the process this is, but we're moving forward anyway.

After recording the rhythm section with Mr Ed Heaton, at The Penthouse, we're now moving onto layering up the other instruments. 

First is our synthonic supremo Adam, aka Flash Cassette. For those that haven't already, check out his credentials on his debut album - released last year. With his synth skills at the ready, Adam is currently busy adding a range of ideal sounds to the tracks, before we add guitars and vox in the studio.

To hear and see some of the sounds being laid down, head over to our official Facebook page.

Monday 1st January 2018


With another year over, it's time to look forward to an exciting 2018. Rather than merely hibernating over the winter period, we plan on working harder than ever - but this time behind the scenes.

Over the past few months, it feels like we've managed to chart a course to do something we've been thinking about for years. Getting ourselves together, and dedicating months to writing material has been amazing. So, the prospect of really bringing those tracks together to put our debut album out there is a great feeling. 

With this comes continued collaboration with some excellent people in the local scene, plans to reappear on stages as the year progresses, and ultimately a big old party to celebrate the release.

We hope to still have you all here with us, so keep in touch and keep your eyes peeled. 

Wednesday 6th December


After months in hiding writing new material, recording has begun on our debut album! With producer Ed Heaton at the helm, once again the initial sessions at The Penthouse Recording Studios in Leeds have been extremely productive. We’re already very excited by how things are coming together. Check out the images below, and keep your eyes out for more news:

Thursday 12th October


We must apologise for being so seemingly quiet of late, but we can assure you that behind the scenes it has been anything but. As previously promised, very exciting things are happening.

Following the changes in the band we have found a new avenue for our sound and over the last couple of months the output from our songwriting feels prolific. We will soon be starting work on recording our debut album, with an initial release schedule of next year. We will reveal more as the process develops over the coming months.

Despite our recent radio silence, rest assured we aren't going anywhere. This is just the beginning...

Tuesday 8th August


It is bittersweet news but we are very sad to say that Danny, our lead guitarist extraordinaire at the centre of our development over time, has decided to leave the band. There was no animosity, or rock-and-roll drama. Instead, we all  understand Dan's decision to make a change and support him in doing so. More importantly, we still all remain brothers part of a wider Daggers family. 

Whilst it was initially difficult to find a way forward, without Dan's presence and unique talent, we eventually decided to try something new and keep moving forward. 

So, we are very pleased to introduce you to Mr Adam Hunte, a.k.a Flash Cassette.

We first worked with Adam when he produced a remix of our last single, 'Dirty Little Weekends', under his suitably retro pseudonym. 

If you haven't heard Flash Cassette's work we urge you to check out his deeply funky electro stylings here. His album is one the best things we've heard this year and fits perfectly with our ethos. Initially, Adam  stepped in over the summer to cover a few final gigs we had, whilst the ridiculously multi talented Jordan  moved from keys to lead guitar. The chemistry within this new formation was thankfully still there, and after we jumped off the summer stages we realised there was a real chance to make something original happen in the future. That being said, we are now really pleased to welcome Adam to the fold permanently - especially with the very exciting results we're having. 

Watch this space.

Monday 31st July


We were very pleased to come across these lovely words from Sonic Bandwagon about our set at Blackthorn Festival. Thanks guys! Its a very comprehensive review of the day, give it a read and check out some of the other great acts that have been featured. Thanks again to the Blackthorn team for having us back.

You can take a look at the article here.

Wednesday 12th July


Before we even begin, we need to say that last night showed us exactly why we love the fair city of Leeds so much. On a dreary Tuesday night,  a large multitude of avid music lovers queued outside the venue at 7:30, then flooded straight in when the doors opened. Not only was this great for Victors and ourselves (as support acts), it was also an indication of the energy to come, as well as the quality of the music scene we have here. 

With a palpable level of expectancy from the crowd then, we were eager to see what Saint Motel had to offer us. 

Not to put too much fine a cliché on it, but, on entering the stage it was clear the band had brought some finely polished Californian sunshine with them. The sound was clean, fresh, and precise - with smooth overtones of melodic rhythm nestled in-between strong grooves. 

This quality of sound added to the fact that these songs were already known to the crowd, which furthered the energy in the room and the atmosphere on stage. While performing the band moved symbiotically, with Jackson holding things together charismatically. 

For us, this was another great reminder of why we do what we do. A rainy Tuesday in July could easily be forgettable, but with such a great show taking place on our doorstep, it was great to be involved. 

Catch Saint Motel at Liverpool's O2 Academy tonight, or Latitude Festival on Friday. Or at the very least, head over to their official website and check out their LP Saintmotelevision.

Wednesday 5th July


Some cheeky news for you all this week, we're pleased to be able to tell you we will be supporting the amazing Saint Motel, on the 11th July at Wardrobe Leeds - in association with Live Nation.

You may know this venue is one of our favourites, having experienced two of our best headline shows there. So, we're looking forward to gracing this stage again, before the smooth summery LA sounds of Saint Motel. 

Tickets are available here now, and we'll be back with more info soon. 

Monday 19th June 


It's almost time to get our summer fully underway, with appearances at some more great festivals and live events across the country. We last brought you some information about Blackthorn Festival, taking place on 21st-23rd July. This time we're going to give you a little information about the festival we'll be playing a few weeks before that. 

On Saturday 1st July, we'll be taking a trip down to The Nibley estate, in The Cotswolds. There, we'll be taking part in another quality event, to be headlined by Lucy Spraggan, Dub Pistols, and The Fratellis.

We'll be warming up the main stage, in the mid-afternoon, alongside other great acts such as: Swamp Pigs, Francis and the Drakes, Jalen N' Gonda, and Bang Bang Romeo. It's sure to be a quality day, filled with more world class music. 

This would usually be the point where we'd tell you to get hold of some tickets, but this even is amazingly already sold out! Something which is obviously a great sign.

We're looking forward to catching up with you Nibley. Until then, take a listen to this lovely official playlist featuring all the great acts to be featured on the day. 

See you soon...

Wednesday 17th May 


To say we're excited to return to Blackthorn Music Festival this year is an understatement. Despite battling through an untimely powercut last year, that saw an impromptu acapella element added to our set, we had a great time. 

Whilst the headline acts at Blackthorn are enough to draw a crowd in themselves, the festival's real beauty lies in its unwavering support for new, emerging and under the radar talent. The lineup this year is no exception. No Hot Ashes, Where Fires Are and Larkins are just three bands that we've had the pleasure of playing with before and are definitely already on our itinerary for the weekend, but we just can't wait to get back to Whitebottom Farm to find our new favourite thing

Tickets are still available here

Monday 17th April


It has been an absolutely ridiculous weekend for us, with a stella gig at Hi-Fi Club on Friday followed by a rawkus afternoon session at Stockton Calling

As usual, there are lots of people to thank for helping us bring our music to the stage. Firstly, a thanks to the Leeds audience, who were once again exceptional, warm, and more than ready to move with us. We've been supported for a long time by the people of Leeds, and those closest to us. So, we once again need to pay huge respect to all of you.

Then, a huge personal thanks to Diz at Into Tomorrow for putting us on at Stockton Calling. His genuine enthusiasm for promoting artists he believes in is always heart-warming. With regular promotion and praise for the acts featured on Saturday, it felt great to play for a packed audience, in The Sun Inn, who had all been prepped to party. 

Thanks again peops! Until next time...

Friday 14th April


Our latest single, Dirty Little Weekends, has now been released. We're thrilled to put out our second offering, produced by Ed Heaton, and our first release of 2017. 

Take a listen and let us know what you think...

Friday 31st March


It's now only two weeks until our next gig, at Hi-Fi in Leeds on Friday 14th April. Again, the line-up is particularly sweet, and we are proud to be able to bring you Park FiresThe Bright Black and Larkins.

Each band not only fits perfectly with our sound and ethos, we know that they will kick proceedings off perfectly and entertain you all from start to finish.

For those of you who haven't got your tickets yet, you can still get them from here. As well as entry to the gig, each ticket also allows access to the Fuzzy Logic night afterwards, where we'll definitely be having a drink or two. It's going to be the perfect start to the Bank Holiday Weekend, so we can't wait to you all down there. 

Monday 6th March


This week, we need to show some real love to Tim Cocker and his team, for selecting Happy Daggers as the official 'house band' on this week's evening shows. 

Throughout the course of the week, bespoke jingles (made by ourselves) will be featured on the show. There will also be an interview with us, and a world exclusive play of our next single Dirty Little Weekends - which is slated for release on Fri 14th April.

Be sure to tune in here throughout the week.

Friday 20th January


Now we've started to recover from the typical Christmas carnage of 2016, we're now starting to see the wheels of 2017 turning. 

This week, we've got the first of many festival announcements to bring to you. Firstly, we're very please to be returning to perform for the wonderful people of Into Tomorrow, at Stockton Calling. This growing festival will take place on Saturday 15th April. Check out the slick looking website for more information.

We can also announce that we'll be appearing at this year's Nibley Festival, in Gloucestershire. With 2016's line-up including Reverend and the Makers and Little Comets, it's humbling to be one of the first acts announced for this summer event. 

Keep looking out for more updates, as we start to get ourselves ready for what should be another great year.

Thursday 19th January

BBC Introducing at The Brudenell #2

What to do on a dull Wednesday evening in January? My options were either to spend the night scrolling through photos of soggy dinners and tiring status updates about sketchy politics – or – to scrape together some pennies for a few social pints, accompanied by local live music. The choice was easy.

After being advised to arrive early, I walked into The Brude at 7.40pm, got stamped, and to my surprise the first band was already on. No messing about. The night was clearly well orchestrated – swift change-overs and the sound was bliss. The acts chosen were of such quality and variety that as the night went on, it got busier. 

This should go without saying for a gig, but I mean it got really busy. By the time band three (out of five) was onstage, the venue had filled to the brim with an array of musicians, music lovers, radio presenters, and event organisers. So many familiar faces all in one place, it was a shame I didn’t have the time to chat to all of them. 


This is exactly what the music industry needs – An aspiring hub for present and future bands. This associated and organised by the biggest platform for unsigned bands in the United Kingdom – BBC Introducing. Held in the best venue in the world – The Brudenell Social Club. Plus the gig was free!

Just a couple of questions: Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? And when is the next event...?

Jord x

Sunday 15th January


We're back in the studio today with the masterful Ed Heaton for our first session laying down a few new tracks. We love working with Ed and are already very excited to hear the results of his magic!

Beats and grooves for the first tracks are already in gestation, but if any of you Daggers out there want to tell us which gig favourites you want us to record, make sure you get in touch with us and let us know. 

TOP 5 OF 2016

It's been a great year in many ways for us. Here's our top 5 of 2016

Sunday 1st January 2017


So, there have clearly been plenty of things to smile about for us this year. We met more great people and played with more amazing bands. 

By far the most special event for us though, was being invited to play the Barclays' British Summertime in Hyde Park. Not only were we booked to play one of the country's biggest festivals, we were put on the same day as legend Stevie Wonder.  

Needless to say, BST 2016 will go down as not just a special event for us this year, it will be something that we will look back on with fond memories for a long time in the future. 

All that is left to say is a huge thanks to everybody who was involved in this, and all the other great events of the year. We've already got some special events and plans lined up for 2017. We just hope all of you (alongside some new Daggers) will be there to enjoy it with us!

HD x

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Saturday 31st December


Thanks to Scruff of the Neck and Futuresound, we've had two great nights headlining The Wardrobe this year. 

These haven't been the first events we've headlined, but The Wardrobe really has started to feel like home for us. With great staff, professional promoters, world class support acts, plenty of space for our audience to fulfil the disco-manifesto, and the perfect space upstairs for an after-party, both nights have been really special. 

We also want to say a special thanks to PhotoManic and Carlos Ortiz for coming down and taking some great pictures (below):

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© Copyright PhotoManic Photography and Carlos Ortiz

Check back tomorrow for number 1!

Friday 30th December


The third entry on this year's list may seem strange, since we've done so many festivals recently. But, we have to hold our hands up and say that Beat-Herder was the most unique summer event we've experienced.

A sprawling warren of hidden surprises, all perfectly produced to create uniquely themed sections. 

We had a top time playing the Maison D'etre stage, to a busy afternoon crowd. But, the real fun began when we downed tools and took a walk around the site. That little jaunt turned into a full-blown excursion that lasted the rest of the weekend. 

So, we've got to say a huge thanks to the Beat-Herder team for putting us on and curating such a rare festival. We also need to show some love to Virtual Festivals, for running both a preview piece featuring us, and eFestivals for a great review including some kind words about our set. 

If you didn't partake this year, we highly recommend you sort yourselves out in 2017! Oh, and if you don't believe us, take a look at this cheeky official Beat-Herder video (and keep your eyes peeled for some Daggers cameos...)

Thursday 29th December


This year we set out to record and release our best single to date. Working with Leeds legend Ed Heaton for the first time, we aimed to bring together the energy of our live performances with a more fresh and minimalistic sound.

The result of these sessions was a track that we are particularly proud of:

Initially we were just happy with the way that the track sounded, thanks to Ed's masterful production, Motto Sound's mastering and Emma Johnson' s brass arrangement. 

Then, thanks to more graphic genius by Hollie Revell, and her colleagues Adam Monk and Steve Watson, the perfect visual accompaniment to the track was created - in the official lyric video. 

The release really came together though in the hands of Saint in the City. Helping to gain great print, online and radio exposure (including an extended playlist slot from brilliant DJs and producers at Amazing Radio). 

We still feel like we've got even better music to bring to you in 2017. But, Need Your Love was a great release for us this year thanks to all the people who were involved along the way, and all of you wonderful people who keep listening to it!

Wednesday 28th December


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With so much sad music related news floating around this year, it was refreshing to be part of a positive story. Many of you will have heard of members of the Foo Fighters doing unbelievably altruistic things in the past, but we were fortunate enough to witness their unshaking humility and humanity first hand. 

Initially, the story wasn't a happy one at all! Sinc had his Chris Shiflett edition Fender Telecaster stolen from his car, and was resigned to the fact it was gone forever. But, after a great piece in the Yorkshire Evening Post, by Georgina Morris, the man himself got in touch and offered Sinclair a replacement.

It's safe to say that this still hasn't sunk in, with people still asking us how it actually came about.

Again, all we can say is thank you a ridiculous amount to Chris Shiflett and Fender. It's easy to forget how many good people there are out there. So, for that reason alone, this had to make the top 5!

Monday 19th December 


This NYE, we'll be aiming to keep our sartorial standards high by taking part in a stylish soiree at The Bankhouse

It's been a great year so far, so we thought it would be a great idea to properly close it out by getting involved in this final party of 2016: 

Saturday 17th December


Today, we're having our annual office party. Since we don't own a photocopier, or an  actual office, we'll have to take out antics to the streets of Leeds.

This year, we'll be celebrating a great year by consuming a small beverage in 12 of the (over 25!) venues we've played, in the city.

Keep your eyes on our activity by visiting all our socials: @HappyDaggers...

Monday 12th December


Even though it felt like we'd been building up to it for a while, last Saturday's gig far surpassed our expectations.

The main reason for this was the ridiculously high standard of the music on show. From start to finish, the event uniquely exhibited some of Leeds' best talent - all together on a bill fitting in tone. Irrespective of our performance, we were mostly happy to bring this event to our audience.

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© Copyright PhotoManic Photography

PEAKES' atmospheric, London Grammar esque, sound was the perfect opening to the evening. Followed by another energetic and powerful performance from our compatriots Meihaus. Finally, just before our set, a stand-out exhibition of musical mastery, by the inimitable Pneuma, really got everybody going.

As usual, we have to say a huge thanks to everybody who came down and made it another special night too. We're just glad that so many of you enjoyed all the music on offer.

Friday 9th December


So, it's almost time...

We've been beavering away behind the scenes, getting ready for this gig. Now Saturday is almost upon us. We're hugely looking forward to this one, as it's so rare to be entrusted with curating your own line-up.

But, thanks to Futuresound, we have some amazing bands supporting us - and we're confident it will be a quality night of exceptional music. 

Get down early to see PEAKES' hypnotic set, then stick around for the majestic Meihaus and the masterful musicianship of PNUEMA.

Hopefully, if you're not too spoiled after all that, you can stick around and check us out!

Friday 11th November


Leeds Film Festival is always a great time of year for the city to show off what it has to offer. So, we're really pleased to have been shortlisted for a Leeds Music Video Award, in conjunction with the festival.

Thanks to Adam Monk & Steve Watson, our lovely video for Need Your Love has been nominated for an award. We're obviously pleased with the nod, but we do have to give all the plaudits to the talent of the piece's makers.

You can contribute to the ceremony by voting for us at the ELFM site, then keeping your fingers crossed on the Sunday night (13th November), when the winner will be revealed.

Wednesday 9th November


This eventful week continued, with an interview and feature from BBC Radio Leeds' Gayle Lofthouse (@gayleoninterweb). 

On the show, she chatted to Sinclair about recent events and played our latest single: Need Your Love. It was great to hear from those of you who listened live, but for anybody who wants to catch-up, take a listen to the show here, while you can. 

Tuesday 8th November


Well, it's definitely been a crazy 48 hours here. Since the story was broken, by The Yorkshire Post, National and international agencies have picked up on it. These included reports from The MetroRadio XThe SunNME and even Sydney's Triple M.

We also have to say thanks to all who have helped to bring this story to people, alongside everybody that has got in touch to say they enjoyed hearing about it. 

Monday 7th November


Some of you may have already heard about the unexpected conclusion to the frustrating tale of Sinclair's guitar being stolen. For those of you that haven't, the Yorkshire Evening Post have once again helped to support the band by writing a follow-up piece.

You can read the full story here, but we just have to say a huge thank you to Chris Shiflett - for showing an unparalleled level of generosity. As well as the Foo Fighters UK fans, for sharing the initial YEP article.

Monday 17th October


We can confirm that we are going to be playing a cheeky little mid-week event at Oporto Leeds. The night is part of Leeds' very own Marsicans residency, in association with Peel the Apple and Dead Young Records. 

We know that Marsicans have been deservedly been doing exceptionally well recently, so it'll be great to catch-up with them and the rest of the patrons at our favourite bar in Leeds.

Friday 14th October


We're very pleased to announce that we will be working with Futuresound, once again, to really bring 2016 to a fitting close.

On Saturday 10th December, we'll be headlining The Wardrobe, alongside a great line-up of bands. This event is particularly special for us because we have been given the freedom to put together a line-up of bands we believe are doing something special.

So, the three acts that will be joining us are: PNEUMA, Meihaus, and PEAKES.

It really is going to be a great night of music, from start to finish. We also have a sneaky feeling that ticket sales will be tight closer to the event. So, get your tickets early here. Or, get in touch with us personally, if you think you deserve a cheeky discount...

Friday 30th September


Since we put out our 'Disco Minifesto', we have mostly focused on positive news here at Daggers HQ. However, for the first time in a while we have to report something a bit more unpleasant.

Recently, Sinc had some equipment stolen, after rehearsal. The gear included his Chris Shifflet signature Fender Telecaster, amongst other things. It seems as though we are now just one of a long list of local bands who have been prey to theft of musical equipment - so keep your eyes peeled and your gear close by!

Thankfully though, we have been supported (once again) by the Yorkshire Post, who have written an article about the theft. The piece clearly identifies the equipment and provides an avenue for people to get in touch with information. 

You can read the full article here.

We'd also like to thank the official UK Foo Fighters fan group who have shared the article, helping to get it in the hands of some people who might really be able to help.

Thursday 22nd August


Wow, what a summer! We have had our best festival season yet. Whether performing at world-renowned events or playing secretive sites, we have had a brilliant time partying with fans and meeting interesting people. Our string of gigs and festivals has come to an end as we go back into rehearsal rooms to write new material, and to prepare for up coming city gigs and record releases over the next few months. Did you see us this summer? Let us know, and don't forget to share the love so other people can help us build an even better summer next year!

Tuesday 16th August


So aptly named by The Winachi Tribe, we had to steal the moniker: 'Thriller in Gorilla!'

This Saturday is guaranteed to be an exceptional night, with a long-running promotional campaign by Scruff of the Neck and The Winachi Tribe themselves. 

We're still really pleased to be involved in this event, alongside The Moods and Strangest of Saints, but we obviously want as many of you as possible to share in the revelry with us. So, get in touch with us for physical tickets before Saturday, or you can still buy tickets online here.

Friday 12th August


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel our upcoming gigs in HUDDERSFIELD (24th August) and SHEFFIELD (17th August). We're aiming to reschedule both of these dates, with Propeller Management, so we'll let you know as the dates are confirmed.

Friday 22nd July


Here's our new lyric video, for Need Your Love. Huge thanks to: Adam Monk, Steve Watson, and Hollie Revell.

Thursday 21st July


We need to say a huge thank you to Yorkshire Evening Post, and Duncan Seaman specifically, for featuring us today. It isn't the first time that the news outlet has included us in one of their pieces about the music scene, but coinciding with the culmination of a busy summer and our single release, this is perfect timing. 

You can check out the full article here.

Thursday 14th July


The last few summers have provided us with some standout blockbuster opportunities, not least the dizzying heights of Leeds and Reading Fest.  This year will be no different. However, on of the events we are all really buzzing about will be our maiden show playing at one of the most exciting young festivals in the UK. 

That’s not to say that sharing the same patch of earth as Stevie Wonder isn’t going to ingratiate our souls with musical sublimity, but Beatherder has something of an intangibility of appeal, which appeals greatly to our sensibilities as musicians.  Held up as having, “an extra bit of attention to detail” and as being, “massive in pure unadulterated VIBE”, this is the type of festival which everyone secretly dreams of.   

Not only are we looking forward to the uniqueness of the festival itself, as as with much of the summer, we are proud to be in the company of some exceptional artists. But, this time, we’re even more humble to be mentioned in the same breath as them, in other previews of the festival. Recently, Virtual wrote a piece naming us as a top festival pick for Beatherder – Alongside the wonderful James (who are one of the event’s main attractions). We’re very humbled by the write-up, which you can read in full here.

We have hopes that Beatherder will strip everything back to its core of loveliness and purity of experience.  This is a festival which we are very, very excited about.

Tuesday 12th July


An already amazing summer continued in exceptional style last Sunday, with our appearance at British Summertime. It was always going to be a special day, with the inimitable Stevie Wonder headlining, but our expectations were surpassed by the Barclaycard sponsored hospitality, the atmosphere amongst the artists, and the quality of live music on show.

Our day started with a cheeky taste of what was to come, when we stumbled into the path of the main stage and witnessed Mr Wonder, and his ensemble, sound checking. As a band, we’ve had some amazing serendipitous musical moments, but there was something inexplicable about that. The list of living musical legends is dwindling fast (especially in this strange year), so hearing Black Man, Superstition, and various other riffs and jams being played by the man himself is something we won’t forget.

After composing ourselves, we took to the stage and welcomed the incoming crowds in true Daggers style. With a day like yesterday, it’s easy to focus on all the other amazing musical activities we witnessed. But, we have to thank British Summertime and Barclaycard for booking us and putting us on the same stage and event as so many revered artists (oh, and we even managed to get a few sweet official photos taken on and off stage as well!).

Throughout the day, there was an undeniable wealth of Soul on show. Straight after us, the early afternoon crowds were treated to not only more sunshine but also the summer sounds of Allen Stone and Omar. With the latter being a British Soul icon, and the former melting the audience in his moving trans-Atlantic tones, it was great to watch both performers in their element.

Both artists also exemplified the congenial spirit of the event as well, chatting to us off-stage and sharing some much appreciated pearls of wisdom. This warm atmosphere continued throughout the day, as we were treated to yet more superstar performances from Corinne Bailey Rae (local Leeds Soul legend), Pharrell Williams and finally the main event: Stevie Wonder.

As spectators, we couldn’t have enjoyed the festival much more, and as performers we are still so happy that we were asked to play. We’re now looking ahead to the rest of our packed summer, but this is going to be a tough one to beat!

Monday 11th July


Our eventful summer schedule keeps getting busier, as we now have two more August dates to bring to you. For any Daggers in Sheffield and Huddersfield, take note and put these dates in your diary…

On Wednesday 17th, we’ll be at The RS Bar in Sheffield – with support from North Adolescence, Rachel Webster and Lion Papers. Then, on the following Wednesday 24th, we’ll be appearing at The Parish, Huddersfield – with support from Being A Tiger and The Pencil Necks. Both events are being promoted by Propeller Management, who we’re very happy to be working with after being introduced at Long Division.

Friday 8th July


Happy Daggers' latest single, Need Your Love, is now available to buy and stream online. The powerful 3 minute, Indie-Soul, track can be purchased from iTunes and streamed via Soundcloud and Spotify.

Tuesday 5th July


On Sunday 10th July, we are delighted to be playing at British Summer Time in Hyde Park, London. The line-up for the concerts this year is impressive, but we think we’ve landed the best day. The culmination of this year's musical festivities  will see the legendary Stevie Wonder perform his classic album Songs in the Key of Life in its entirety. 

It’s a real honour to be able to play a festival right in the heart of the city alongside so many huge artists, but it is Stevie Wonder and his support Pharell Williams who have left us in wide-mouthed disbelief. I’m not generally very superstitious, but to get lucky like this makes me so happy that, for once in my life, I can’t hold back the cheesy puns. Sorry.

A sold-out crowd will pack the park, but if you’re fortunate enough to have tickets (or well-connected enough to still come by them) make sure you head down to the Barclaycard stage to say hello.

Tuesday 28th June


The next few months are starting to look pretty busy! So, for all the Daggers around the country, here's a current update of where we'll be and when over summer: 

Friday 24th June 2016


A huge week of announcements concludes with what has to be the biggest yet. We can now officially reveal that Happy Daggers will be taking part in Barclaycard's British Summertime, on Sunday July 10th. This final day of the festival will be headlined by the iconic Stevie Wonder, and has now sold out!

Wednesday 22nd June


If this summer wasn't already looking like a world beater, here's a few more quality announcements for you:

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We can't wait to be continue our partnership with Scuff of the Neck Records .So, we're back with two announcements for shows we've arranged with them. Firstly, we’re pleased to be able to tell you that we have been included in the first wave of announcements for SOTN’s Pop-Up Festival, on Sunday August 14th, in Sale.

The following Saturday (20th), will see us make our debut performance at Manchester’s Gorilla, in support of The Winachi Tribe. This will be another SOTN show with another great line-up, including Strangest of Saints and The Moods alongside ourselves.

We’ve said it already, but we’re really enjoying working with Scruff of the Neck. Some of our best nights this year have been at their events. So, we really encourage Daggers on both sides of the Pennines to get involved in these.

We’re not stopping there though, as we can also announce dates at BeatHerder and Mustardstock. The latter is an event we’ve been involved with for a few years now, and are always happy to get involved with. The former is another huge mainstream festival that we’ve been working hard to get a slot at. So, we’re really pleased that we can officially announce this now.

In the coming weeks we’re also going to be announcing some more shows, in different cities, to coincide with our next release. As soon as all the details are ironed out, we’ll make sure you know all about it.

Tuesday 21st June


Before we get started on the music (which is usually what a festival review is all about), we need to say that Buryfields outstripped many large mainstream festivals for it’s hospitality, ethos and atmosphere. From the moment we arrived, all members of the team greeted us with genuine warmth.

This level of positivity on site appeared to feed through to almost everybody in attendance, whether local music lovers, or travelling musicians.

Image by Kyle @CrosswaysBandUK

As we began to prepare ourselves for our set, we could hear the atmospheric sounds of Echoes. This act managed to produce a mellow, minimalistic, yet modernly driven sound. A quality that stood out about this performance was the floating vocals, which managed to be powerful yet airy at the the same time.

After a wonderfully warm reception from the Big Tent crowd, for our performance, we next caught up with The Running Guns. This blues-driven quartet were surprisingly Buryfield’s emerging talent winners of 2016. Due to the quality of the band’s performance, alongside their confident presence on stage, it was clear that they were a great choice to represent local talent. But, in truth, these guys would be comfortable on festival stages of any size across the country.

After a brief tour around the impressive site – a set-up that managed to pack its regal setting with numerous festival delights, while still remaining classy – we met and then watched Skinny Lister. Again, this act presented another energetic performance for an increasingly full main stage. Their sound is a masterful mix of traditional and contemporary folk music, all delivered with the sonic force that belies the modest number of members on stage. Later we were pleased to learn they’ll be coming to Leeds’ very own Brudenell Social Club this autumn (a gig we’ll definitely be attending).

The penultimate act for us, was the inimitably outrageous Ed Tudor-Pole, who headlined The Woodland Stage. Now, it must be said that a headline acoustic act can often be overlooked at a festival. This simply was not the case here. Delivered with an unrivalled level of dynamism, Tudor-Poles set was a display of just how entertaining one person with a guitar can be. Witty, charmingly irreverent, and at times wonderfully eccentric, this performance put a smile on the faces of all onlookers.

Another thing that must be said about Ed Tudor Pole, is his genuine manner both on and off the stage. Certainly his crowd loved him, but we can attest to the fact that he comfortably made time to try and speak to everybody back stage as well.

In truth, this was a characteristic shared by all of the above acts. They worked just as hard as each other on stage, but they also managed to create a convivial atmosphere off-stage that synced perfectly with the festival’s ethos.

Sadly, the same cannot be said about one particular act who performed on the day (check out certain @BURYFields tweets if you're not sure what I'm referring to). But, the less said about that the better. So, let’s finish by saying that Buryfields is definitely an event worth being involved with. For any Chesham locals who didn’t attend, we encourage you to get your early bird tickets soon. For any other music lovers farther-afield, no matter the age, we really think this event is perfect. 

Sunday 12th June 


We loved our day at Long Division on Saturday. It was great to see so many people down early on for our set at Warehouse 23, a lot of them dancing like it was much later than our 13.30 time slot. 

With the rest of the afternoon to enjoy the wide variety of musical offerings available, thankfully the close proximity of all the venues made this a slightly easier task.

Particular highlights included (but were definitely not limited to!); fellow Leeds dwellers Narcs more than living up to the hype with a visceral performance shortly after us at Warehouse 23. The offbeat-electro-acoustic vibes of Pictish Trail who, in their own words, channelled 'the reverb of Christ' in the Westgate Chapel

Middleman really got the crowd bouncing in the cavernous setting of Unity Works Major Hall and were kind enough to give us a very flattering mention on stage having checked us out earlier in the day (Cheers lads!). Their high octane set was followed by a complete change of pace over in the beautiful surroundings of the Theatre Royal with the equally gorgeous sounds of Dancing Years. After some more venue hopping the fantastic Field Music finished the day off in style back at Unity Works Major Hall. 

Long Division was, and hopefully will remain to be, a fantastic event that really showed Wakefield to be a cultural hub of music and art. Massive thanks to those involved for having us and all the staff on the day for making us feel so welcome. We'll definitely be doing everything in our power to be back again next year.

Friday 12th May


Another day, another great line-up with some of our favourite bands included. Check out the details below, and get your tickets from the Official Website.

Tuesday 10th May 


So, we can officially announce that we will be involved in the official main event for this year's Long Division festival 2016. After taking part in an official fringe event, at Vinyl Tap in Huddersfield earlier on this year, the festival organisers got in touch to include us in the main event. We'll give you more information about time and place soon, but for now, just check out this amazing line-up that we'll be part of...

Monday 2nd May


Obviously, we knew it was coming, but the reality of the past weekend was even better than we anticipated. With two top gigs, and a surprise DJ set, we managed to squeeze a lot in.

Live at Leeds has always been a festival we care about, so we had to get involved with the event's tenth anniversary. Playing a mid-afternoon slot, in Milo's, we caught up with some old friends and made a few new ones. It's been a while since we last played the venue, so it was a refreshing change to take a trip upstairs to the live room again.

The rest of Saturday saw us taking a trip around the city's main events. As usual, we saw a multitude of wonderful and wacky performances (including some choice nipple rubbing, from a front-man who shall remain nameless).

Things moved no slower on Sunday, firstly with a prime afternoon slot at the latest instalment of the Merrion Street Festival. Sandwiched between two of our favourite Leeds based bands, Meihaus and Samuel S. Parkes. Once again, we had a great time playing to an amazing audience, so thanks to all who came down to get involved with the festivities.

Thankfully, our bank holiday weekend didn't conclude there. After we got ourselves off stage and checked out Samuel S. Parkes' set, we headed upstairs, in bar Soba, for our premier DJ set as a band. 

Armed with a charming (and foisty) case of vinyls, we had a great time playing a whole host of our favourite songs to some of our favourite people. We had such a good time, we'll definitely be looking forward to our next DJ set very soon - and when we do, we'll let you know!

So, it's been a ridiculously busy few days. But, it has definitely been well worth it. Our next step is getting ready to do some recording this weekend, with Ed Heaton, which we really are excited about. 

Wednesday 20th April


After a successful night in Leeds, with Scruff of the Neck, last month. We've been  eager to get involved in another event for the Manchester based collective.

Thankfully, we've been invited to play our first show across the Pennines on the 19th May, supporting Phillip Quinn for his single launch event. 

We always love taking ourselves across to Manchester, as the audiences are always on point. So, we're hoping all the Manchester Daggers (as well as some people who have never seen us before) come along and have a party with us.

Monday 11th April


It seems that there are a lot more photographers than reviewers at gigs of late. Luckily for us though, our recent gig, for Into Tomorrow in Middlesborough, was attended by both.

We were even luckier to have received what can only be described as a glowing review, in NE Volume.

We're always pleased when people enjoy our shows, but this review is definitely one to keep hold of. If you want to read exactly how things went down last Sunday, check out the full piece here.

From our perspective, the event at Into Tomorrow was a great display of a vibrant local scene. Middlesborough, on a random Sunday night, showed great strength in numbers. The crowd, who mostly stayed to watch all the acts perform, were lively throughout and really took to the Daggers manifesto. 

We can safely say that we will be returning to Middlesborough as soon as possible, for another party.

Sunday 3rd April


We've had a very productive day recording, at Chapel FM in Leeds, today. It's the first time we've worked with local production expert, Ed Heaton, and we're already getting a good feeling about this project. 

We'll obviously keep you all updated as soon as the tracks are ready for a first listen. But, for now, take a look at the lovely ethereal setting that is Chapel Fm. If you're searching for somewhere atmospheric, to create recordings with a warm natural sound, this place is ideal.

Monday 28th March


Last weekend went so well, it would be easy for us to feel dejected going into a new week. The truth is though, we're all pretty buoyant with more quality musical events to come.

This weekend, we'll be heading up to Middlesborough to get involved with Into Tomorrow @ TSone

After a successful weekend putting on a whole troop of quality acts, for Stockton Calling, Into Tomorrow have been working hard to spread the word about our visit, and we're definitely keen to show Teeside what we can do.

Monday 27th March 


It definitely feels as like there are far too many people to thank for this weekend. From a cheeky little jaunt across the Pennines (to watch The Tapestry literally shake the roof of the Deaf Institute), to being welcomed so warmly by the loyal crowd at All Done For 9, it has been an ideal bank holiday.

The icing on the cake had to be our show at The Wardrobe, on Saturday. Although we'd been working towards it for a good while, the reality definitely surpassed our expectations. With so many of you in the room partying with us, great support from all the other bands on the bill, and an unparalleled level of organisation from Scruff of the Neck, everything about the night was just right.

As usual though, the key ingredient ha to be all of you Daggers out there, who keep coming to our shows and spreading the word. Without you guys, none of this would be possible, so thank you.

So, now we've properly bedded into 2016, it's time to get the real work underway and try to make it the best yet!

Friday 18th March


Another week brings another great set of announcements. On Friday 21st July we'll be playing Blackthorn Music Festival, on the same stage as Craig Charles. Having been told by our good friends, The Tapestry, that this was a great event last year, we were keen to be involved. 

First though, we'll be appearing as part of the extended line-up for this year's Live At Leeds, on Saturday 30th April. We've said it before, but we are huge supporters of our city's very own award winning metropolitan festival. 

Wednesday 3rd March


With what should be the first of many summer festival announcements, we're pleased to tell you we will be taking part in Long Division 2016. 

On 9th April, we'll be playing Vinyl Tap as part of the festivities, in Huddersfield. We're really looking forward to being involved in another great festival, and we're positive this isn't the last big announcement we'll have for you.

Wednesday 17th February


It's been a great few weeks, with some outstanding gigs to kick off 2016. But, we're now taking a few weeks to prepare for our next big show, at the Wardrobe, Leeds.

Saturday 26th March will be our first headline slot at the venue, so we're not ony aiming to get as many of you down there as possible, we'll also be locking ourselves down to prepare a special one off performance.

Advance tickets are now on sale, at a discounted rate, and can be purchased from the here.

Friday 12th February


We've always been keen advocates of sharing our love for bands that truly deserve it. So, with this in mind, we've got some good news about one of our favourite bands from last year.

The Tapestry have been nominated in Gigslutz 'Best Unsigned Band' category. 

We genuinely think this is a well deserved accolade, and we'd love these guys to get some more recognition as one of the UK's best bands. They are currently in the lead, but head to this link and give them a vote to make sure they win!

Friday 5th February


Wow. We weren't expecting that. Seriously.

Event though the guys at LSR have been putting in work on the event for months, we had no idea they'd manage to put on such a quality night. Just one week after Independent Venue Week, last night (at Brudenell Social Club) showed that Leeds' live music scene is very healthy.

A huge shout needs to also go out to the other bands on the night, Brooders, The Strawberries, and particularly Marsicans (who we are officially tipping for stardom in the next 12 months!). These guys kept the room warm and the audience captivated all night.

But, most importantly, we need to say a huge thanks to you guys who came down and had so many positive things to say about our music. You made it a ridiculously good mid-week event, and we're hoping to see you soon. Well, on the 26th March at The Wardrobe to be exact.

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Images © Soul Kitchen Photography 

Tuesday 2nd February


Ahead of our Brudenell Social gig, we were invited down to headquarters at LSR for a cheeky little interview. We were also grateful to have 2 of our tracks played during the course of the show as well. 

If you want to take a listen, you can get hold of a podcast of the show here - which also features two great acoustic tracks from Marsicans and a bit of chat about how things are going for them.

Sunday 31st January


With another quality weekend almost over, we're already looking onwards to next week's event. 

On Thursday 4th, we'll be taking part in a special event for Leeds Student Radio, at Brudenell Social Club. We've already got our preparations underway by taking part in an interview with LSR, which will be broadcast at the start of next week. 

We're also pleased that we can announce the guest headliners are non-other than Marsicans (a band who we love so much it's the second time in a week we'll be playing with them).

Tickets are still available at Jumbo Records, but we have a feeling this one might sell out...

Saturday 30th January


Having played 360 Club numerous times, we knew that last night's gig could have been a good one. What we didn't expect though was to be gifted with such an amazing crowd and reception.

The night was not only a huge testament to Richard Watson's philosophy as a promoter, it also highlighted why Leeds has to be one of the UKs foremost cities when it comes to live music at independent venues.  

Wednesday 20th January


Picture byTony Johnson

With our upcoming gig for Independent Venue week almost upon us, we have been lucky enough to get some more support from the Yorkshire Evening Post. This time, we were included in a piece about the annual event, the venue (The Library, Leeds), and the long-running club night (360 Club).

You can read the full article here.

Sunday 3rd January


Over the next few weeks we will be mostly standing in dark rooms writing finishing new material to bring to you all in 2016.

We're already pretty happy with what we've put together, so we're looking forward to seeing what you think in our upcoming gigs. Our gigs have been updated and we'll let you all know as soon as anything else gets added.

Wednesday 23rd December


So, there is always the temptation to produce a long list of things that have taken place over the past twelve months. But, this time all we want to say is a huge thank you to all of you who have supported us again.

We were lucky enough to have another busy year, filled with some great events. The stand-out activity of 2015 though was definitely the Reading and Leeds Festivals. It's definitely one off the bucket list. But, strangely it hasn't made us want to just pat ourselves on the back and take it easy. We'll definitely be back next year trying to do one better.

For now, enjoy the holidays and we'll see you soon...

Friday 18th December


We rarely tend to play music written by anybody other than ourselves. After a serendipitous drive up the A1 though, we thought we'd give this a try when we supported Fold earlier on this month...

Monday 23rd November


So, after an amazing weekend in London, supporting the inimitable Fold, we're back in Yorkshire thinking about our next move.

It's been another great year for us, thanks to you guys, but we'll talk more about that later on. For now, let's focus on our final gig of the year.

On Friday 12th December, we'll be headlining 1-in-12 Club, in Bradford. It'll be our premier performance at the venue, promoted by Moist Tiger. So, if you're a local Dagger looking for a serious way to end the year, or if you still haven't seen us yet - come down and party with us.

Friday 20th November


Tomorrow we will be heading down to London to support the awesome Fold, at Surya, in London.

With our fellow Leeds band doing so well, with a new album release and numerous plays on the BBC network. We're thrilled to be involved in their sell out London album launch.

Those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets, make sure you get down early. It's gonna be a tight one!

Thursday 19th November


Those observant creatures among you will notice that our site has had a little bit of an update. Although this means we have lost some of our old posts (for the minute), it does mean that we can still keep you all up to date with what's going on.

So, for now, take a peak at our Facebook for the best Daggers highlights of the past few years and we'll be resume service full here as soon as possible.

Wednesday 9th September


It's been another amazing summer with gigs and festivals all over the country. Rest assured we aren't stopping there. We've got a lot of things in the pipeline so watch this space, but for now you can catch us at the below dates in the next few months:

18/09 - The Exchange, Keighley
27/09 - The Wardrobe, Leeds (supporting The Pretty Vicious)
17/10 - Fibbers, York
30/10 - The 360 Club @ The Library Pub, Leeds
31/10 - The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe
21/11 - Surya, London (supporting Fold

Monday 7th September


Sunday 23rd August


While we've been busy getting prepared for next week's Leeds and Reading festivals, lots of lovely media people have seen fit to include us in features that they have compiled. We have been included in Television pieces for ITV and the BBC, as well as a feature in the Yorkshire Evening Post. We have also been featured on various radio shows including an interview and airplay on SINE FM and others.

Thursday 30th July


We are very pleased to announce that we have been selected to play this year's Leeds and Reading festivals, as Futuresound Competition runners up! A huge thanks to all of you who supported us, and to Futuresound for selecting us!

Monday 22nd June


With only 5 days left until this year's Apollo Festival in York, it's time to get prepared for another quality summer event. We're all very much looking forward to this one, as it promises to be a great party with a brilliant lineup across the various stages. 

We are particularly excited about seeing CryBabyCry, our hot music tip of the day. After enjoying their set at Milos, for Live At Leeds this year, we can't wait to see them perform on a larger festival stage.

 Tickets are still available via the website at the bargain price of £25 for the full day - alongside more detailed information about all the activities and other acts performing.

Monday 15th June


Last weekend at Bradford Festival was a lot of fun. It was an amzing event for the city and we are really happy to have been a part of it. Thanks to everyone that came down and danced so early in the afternoon. 

Wednesday 10th June 


Of all the festivals we played last year, the smallest, but almost certainly the most fun, was Curious Yellow Weekend. This little gem of a festival, with a capacity of 300, was the perfect setting for one of the wildest party’s any of us attended last year, or potentially in the last decade.

After staging their first event in 2000 the CYW team have developed a unique festival that is truly independent in every way. Offering an extremely diverse line up of acts across 2 music filled days, Curious Yellow Weekend will this year be held in a secret location in Hertfordshire.

We have a limited number of tickets available at a reduced rate of £35 for the full weekend (inc. camping) so get in touch with us if you are interested in attending. We promise you will not be disappointed!

Monday 8th June


The Library Pub in Hyde Park is a well known student hot-bed, 11th stop on the infamous Otley Run (if you’re doing it properly), former Carling-and-Strongbow-touting-Scream-pub-turned-real-ale-bar and, at least once a week, the home of The 360 Club, a live music night flying the flag for the local scene.

It is an event you may have seen/heard us shouting about before and, although we have performed a number of times previously, tonight was a truly shining example of host Richard Watson’s ability to serve up a Michelin starred feast of entertainment.

To get us started tonight we had the fantastic Ricky Fleming. Soulful vocals, upbeat sound and honest, emotive delivery combined exquisitely, and really set the tone for the rest of the evening.

More Kingston than Kirkstall, The Indecision were up next, bringing their sublime ska-reggae vibes to the proceedings. They definitely won over five new fans in us, and I know we weren’t alone. We’ll be making a point of seeing these guys again!

Issimo were a band we’d heard lots of good things about, and they didn’t disappoint. A literal ensemble of highly gifted musicians, with the talented vocal pairing of Abi Uttley and Marc Otway orchestrating a great live show, in every sense of the word.

After 3 such amazing acts it was a real honour for us to close the night. A big thanks to all who came down to see us, those that didn’t come with the intention of seeing us but stuck around, and everyone who shouted for more.

Thursday 4th June


It's very rare that we strip things back and do an acoustic set. Thanks to the lovely people at Live from the Coal Room, in Leeds, we've got just such a treat for you.

The project has recently been set up by Leeds' production, promotional, and DJ virtuoso Ed Heaton. With the specific intentions of showcasing the city's best talent, we were thrilled to be asked along.

Check out the video below, then keep your eyes peeled for some other great sessions from some of Leeds' best acts.


Monday 1st June


So, it is exactly one months since we have been in touch. Although today  is officially the first day of summer, it actually feels like the season started a bit early for us with some great gigs in the past four weeks.

As always, Live at Leeds was a great event. Spending time on the Saturday and actually getting to see all the bands we wanted to was a refreshing change. Then, the Fringe event on Sunday night was a great way to close out the weekend. Despite never playing there before, The Black Swan was an amazing venue (especially for the after party!).

In the following weeks we were fortunate enough to take up what felt like a residency at Brudenell Social Club. Nath is always a great host, and it's always amazing to play Leeds' most established venue. But, we were really fortunate to have shared a stage with the acts that we did. Firstly, The Tapestry. These guys felt like kindred spirits before and after the gig. It isn't often that you find such a humble headline act, who are clearly carving a name for themselves and a great reputation on the scene. More importantly, we can't recommend their live set enough. With real raw energy and a powerful sound, that resembles Franz Ferdinand fighting with The Sunshine Underground onstage, the Manchester four-piece are a joy to watch.

Our second trip to the Brudenell saw us supporting Frankie and the Hearstrings, an act who have been welcomed back onto the scene with open arms and great reviews of their forthcoming single, Think Yourself Lucky.

Most recently, we found out exactly what you should be doing on a Sunday night. Instead of staying at home dreading the working week ahead, ironing shirts and making a packed lunch, there is no doubt that Otley’s All Done For 9, is an amazing musical event to close out your weekend. From a musician’s point of view, we haven’t experienced many events that have been as well organised. The team is a collective group of music enthusiasts who clearly care as much about their audience as they do the acts who come to perform. This is evidenced by the calibre of audience that came through the doors. These were not scraps of local fans who had been cajoled into coming, it was a committed following that created a great local audience for a visiting act. All chaired by charming Quentin Churchill, we can only hope we get asked to come down again soon. 

Clearly, we’ve been busy over the past few weeks. But, it doesn’t stop there. This Friday we’re very excited to be back at 360 Club, @ The Library, Leeds. The event has always been a great one for us. So, we’re looking forward to catching up with you all, and of course the legendary Richard Watson, then. 

For any of you still wanting tickets, head to Jumbo Records or drop us a message. There’s still time yet.

Friday 1st May


It's that time of year again. Our favourite city festival is about to provide us with another bank holiday of musical indulgence. To help everybody make up their minds about who they should go and see this weekend, Sinclair has written a little piece for The State of The Arts

Check the article out here, then let us know if you think we've missed anybody from the list.

Also, don't forget that we'll be heading down to the Black Swan on Sunday night to help you close out your bank holiday musical feast, with a set at Live at Leeds' fringe event - Symposium.

Wednesday 22nd April


After what felt like an eternity away from a stage, the prospect of beginning our summer of gigs at Manchester's iconic Band on the Wall venue was pretty exciting. Thankfully, our expectations were greeted pleasantly by reality.

The first thing to note is the quality of sound. Unlike so many venues up and down the country, Band on the Wall was equipped with both great facilities and staff who know how to get the best out of them. Secondly, aided by promoters, staff, and students at Manchester College the room was comparatively full for a Monday night.

All in all, the night went verywell. It was a great way to get back on the road, and the perfect way to fully induct our newest member. So, huge thanks to all involved (especially Kie Ryan and Ryan Terpstra), and we hope that we will be heading back across the Pennines sooner rather than later. 

Friday 17th April


We are very excited to welcome Jordan Fearnley to the Happy Daggers’ fold. As a fantastic songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and experienced performer (who unlike the rest of the band actually has a real music qualification), Jordan has wasted no time in becoming an integral part of the Dagger's sound. 

We first met Jordan at our debut gig at Leeds’ Baby Jupiter when he was fronting his former band ‘Six O’clock Showdown’. Since then he has remained a firm friend in the Leeds music scene and played a key technical role at a number of our gigs As fans of his past and present musical endeavours we are delighted to have such a talented musician on board and are looking forward to him joining the party this summer.

Friday 10th April


So, when Jack Simpson asked us to play the 2015 Fringe event, at The Black Swan, we jumped at the chance. This year, we’ll be playing on the Sunday of the weekend’s festivities, which means we’ll be having the best of both worlds this time around. If you’re out and about on Saturday, you’ll probably see us enjoying the music and the festivities. Then on Sunday, we’ll be at The Black Swan entertaining those of you who are still primed to get the most out of the bank holiday weekend.

Details of the venue and event can be found at the official Live at Leeds website, or on the event’s Facebook Page. 

Anybody who has spent any time around the band over the past few years knows just how enthusiastic we are about our hometown’s award winning city festival – Live at Leeds. We’ve been involved for the past two years, at great venues and with amazing receptions from local music lovers.

Aside from the great opportunity to play to as many of you guys as possible, we also relish being able to take a tour around our home turf, visit many of the quality venues that we have (and many of which we’ve been fortunate enough to play in) and see exactly what talent is on offer – both locally and from some of the best up and coming acts of the year ahead.

Tuesday 31st March


This Saturday, Ghostpoet plays The Brudenell Social Club. 

Prior to the gig, Sinclair took a look at his upcoming single and provided a little preview for TSOTA.

You can check out the full piece here.

Monday 6th April


After a seemingly quiet couple of months we are back, and we’re really looking forward to showing you what we’ve been up to. Having not performed live this year we can’t wait to get back on stage, and our summer calendar looks set  to eclipse our time spent in apparent hibernation over the winter months.

Our current dates are below, with more details to follow in the coming days and weeks:

20/04 – Band On The Wall, Manchester

03/05 – Black Swan, Leeds (LAL Fringe)

09/05 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

31/05 – Korks, Otley

05/06 – 360 Club @ The Library Pub, Leeds

13/06 – Bradford Festival, Bradford City Park

20/06 – Paperdress, London

25/06 – Apollo Festival, York

04/07 – Curious Yellow Weekend, Hertfordshire

We still have a number of exciting things in the pipeline so look out for further dates being added soon….

Sunday 25th January


It's not often that you get the opportunity to talk to somebody who was in the room when one of your favourite albums was created. Well, this week Sinclair got just such an opportunity, from TSOTA.

In an interview article posted on the website yesterday, Sinc got to chat to Gordon Raphael - the producer who recorded The Strokes' first two albums, worked with The Libertines and signed Regina Spector.

The piece is well worth checking out, as will be Gordon's upcoming UK tour where he will be enlightening audiences about his experiences with music and giving them advice to help further their careers.

You can read the article on the TSOTA website.

You can also check out information about Gordon's tour on his official website.

Friday 16th January


With the festivities finished, and the New Year firmly underway, we’re glad to be able to give you all our first festival announcement.  The good people at Apollo Festival, in York, have recently announced that we will be a main attraction at the event – alongside the likes of Cry Baby Cry and Rupert Stroud.

The expanding festival, which was headlined by Reverand and the Makers last year, will take place on Saturday 27th June. Early-bird tickets are already available (at an unbelievable £9.30!) from the official Apollo Festival website. Alongside regular updates about acts that will be playing and other news – which can be found on the event’s official Facebook page

Friday 2nd January



Great festivals go hand-in-hand with summer. In 2014 we were fortunate enough to be involved with some amazing events. Alongside quality weekends at Beacons, Curious Yellow, Corbridge, and the official Tour De France event in Ilkley, we were thrilled to be selected for Bingley Festival. This particular festival makes the list, over all the others, for a few simple reasons. Firstly, the organisation was second to none. From the moment that we arrived on site, everything was taken care of expertly, by a crew who seemed even happier to be there than we did.

Another key feature was the quality of the crowd who strolled up the hill to watch us play, and the reception that they gave us. Not only was there a large swathe of the audience managing to display their best disco shuffle early on a Sunday afternoon, we also had all of our promotional CDs snatched out of our hands as soon as the performance was over.

All of this, coupled with even more post-gig hospitality, interviews, and several interesting meet and greets made Bingley the best fest of the summer for us.  So, thanks for having us guys! We’ll definitely not turn our noses up at coming back again soon…


For those of you who have had your eyes on us for a little while might have felt like our ‘forthcoming’ EP was never going to arrive. After a spring of refining the material, and a summer of regular trips to the studio (in-between playing festivals), we finally managed to release ‘Dirty Disco’ in September.

On any release there is always a whole host of people who work behind the scenes to make sure everything gets done: ‘Dirty Disco’ was no exception. Since it felt like such a long time coming, and we are so pleased with the final product, we need to say thanks to the following people:

Si McGrath @ Eiger Studios – It wasn’t the first time we worked with Si, but this time he really brought some serious belief in our music to his production. Going the extra mile and helping our experimental ideas come to life, he ensured that the tracks he worked on sounded the best that they could.

Grant Henderson @ Loom Studios – Even though the recording of the tracks Grant worked on were finished earlier, he still gave up a lot of his time to help us get things just right. Grant’s usual excitement for the projects he works on with us was ever present, and we even managed to squeeze a world class remix out of him.

M.A.S Records & Eiger Studios – Throughout the whole of 2014 we were expertly assisted and advised by M.A.S. records. Giving us more time, opportunities, and insight than any other organisation we’ve worked with, they were instrumental in ensuring that ‘Dirty Disco’ was completed. M.A.S. also helped us to secure a great relationship with Eiger Studios who gave us the time, space, and facilities to develop our sound throughout the year – then complete it when we were ready.

Hollie Revell - A secret Daggers genius working behind the scenes. Our official artistic director once again helped to make sure our branding and artwork looked as stylish as ever. Hollie not only helped us with ‘Dirty Disco’ in 2014, she also worked on the website and created the branding for Phat Mannequin. As always, we were thrilled with everything that Hollie did for us in 2014, and it’s a fact that things would not have run anywhere near as smoothly without her on board.

Jumbo Records – It always helps to have your local record store behind you, but when the biggest independent music store in the city is actually enthusiastic about your latest release it genially means something. Not only were we bowled over by the reception Jumbo gave ‘Dirty Disco’, we were also extremely pleased with hoe eager they were to help us get it out there. Thanks again guys!

Obviously, we’ve come into contact with a whole host of other people over the course of the past year, and most of them have helped us push things forward a lot. For all of you who we haven’t specifically mentioned above, we’re hugely grateful for your help and we hope we get to do it all again in 2015!

Thursday 1st January



Before we really get things going in the New Year, we thought we would spend a little time looking back at some of the great things that happened in 2014:


In our home town, one of the biggest music stories was the closure of the Cockpit. Taking many of us by surprise, suddenly Leeds was without one of its biggest, best, and most established venues. So, in hindsight we were thrilled to start the year off with our first headline show there. Supported by Jonny Quits, and with the assistance of Futuresound, the night was a real success. As with many Daggers highlights, the event was so memorable because of all of you who came to watch us play. It’s always our intention to get people moving, and at this gig there was definitely plenty of that.


Amongst the Cockpit crowd of dancing Daggers fans was a film crew, working with Leeds Retail Association on a video about Leeds. The stylish promotional piece featured clips and commentary about the numerous retail and entertainment powerhouses of the city. Obviously, we were thrilled to have shots of our Cockpit gig included, as well as being invited to the premiere at Leeds’ Everyman Cinema.

You can still watch the One Leeds video here.


For the second year running, Happy Daggers were selected to be take part in the award winning metropolitan festival: Live at Leeds. Commencing proceedings at Oporto, this bank holiday musical feast once again treated the band very well. With another packed room of music enthusiasts, who had mostly not seen the band play before, it was another great display of how fortunate we are to be involved in such a vibrant music scene. 

Thursday 9th October


We have been fortunate enough to be featured on West Yorkshire's BBC Introducing show again. Alan Raw gave 'Salem' a spin, at the top of the show, and had some very complimentary words to say about the band. Check out the full show here, while you still can.

'Salem' was also played on East Leeds FM's Tuesday Night Takeaway (alongside a quick chat with Sinc about 'Dirty Disco' and all things Daggers), and featured on the Yorkshire Post's PostMusic podcast. 

Thanks again to everybody that has supported the new release, and all of you who have taken a listen.

Friday 3rd October


With the first week of 'Dirty Disco' being available almost at an end, we thought we'd compile some of the comments people have made about it for you to take a peek at.

First of all was a preview by the lovely Holly Ridge, in The State of the Arts. This wonderful article is not only very complimentary, it is also a great piece of journalism. In it Holly charts Happy Dagger's course over the past year, and beyond, as well as giving the new EP a thorough look over. Thankfully, she also really seems to get the 'disco manifesto', which is always a huge bonus.

Next, came a wonderful write up from those persistent and perfect purveyors of Leeds music (and beyond), Jumbo Records. Here, we were given some very special treatment, that enthusiastically exclaimed (literally) the new release. Thanks guys!

On Thursday, Beat2aChord posted a piece featuring comments about 'Dirty Disco' alongside a great interview with our very own Danny Martin. Take a look at the piece, and let it confirm to you why Dan's definitely everybody's favourite Dagger.

Finally (also on Thursday), Sinc and Jon popped into BCB Radio, for a quick chat with the ever amazing Michelle Dalgety - on her Yorkshire Music Collective show. The boys chatted about the summer, the release and what's coming next - in between Michelle playing two tracks from the EP. Head over to BCB Radio's website to hear the show, which also featured an interview with  Luke Lount of Polo (formally 'Girls on Drugs') and 3 of their great tracks.

Monday 30th September


After a great summer of gigs and festivals, recording and producing, 'Dirty Disco' has finally been released! We want to say a huge thanks to the people who have helped us, from the EP's conception through to today's release. 

Particular thanks go to: M.A.S. Records, Grant Henderson and Loom Studio, Si McGrath and Eiger Studios, Rock and Roll Circus, Hollie Revell, and all who helped establish Phat Mannequin. Plus, to all of you guys who keep coming to see us play and buy our music

You can get your hands on a physical copy of 'Dirty Disco' at Jumbo Records, and Crash Records - in Leeds. Or, you can download it from iTunes.

Friday 19th September


So, we're very fortunate to be able to give you all this little pre-release treat. With just over a week before the new EP is unveiled, here is a dirty dance remix of 'Pitch Black' - courtesy of our good friends at Killer Computers.

Check it out, and let us know what you think. You can also check out the rest of Killer Computers' wares online at their official SoundCloud page.

Thursday 18th September


The lovely people at Leeds Music Scene, have written a lovely little review about 'Dirty Disco'. Huge thanks to Jordan Fearnley, who clearly gets the spirit of what we're doing. 

Check out the review here. Then get ready to get your hands on 'Dirty Disco' yourself, on Monday 29th September.

Monday 15th September


Happy Daggers are absolutely thrilled to announce that the new EP, Dirty Disco, will be released via Phat Mannequin Records! There has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes to get this project completed, but we're almost at the finish line.

We'll be back with more details soon, but for now, head over to the new Facebook page, like it, then invite your lovely friends to do the same!

Wednesday 10th September


We are deeply saddened to learn that The Cockpit Leeds has permanently closed its doors. The venue has been a continual corner stone in the music scene of Leeds, for over 20 years. However, it seems as though this reign has come to an end. 

Like many bands we've had great times in the venue. Our first (and now seemingly last) headline show there was a real highlight for us.  RIP.

You can read the official statement on The Cockpit's official website.

Monday 8th September


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Monday 1st September


All summers must come to an end.

Thankfully ours concluded with the biggest musical extravaganza this side of a BD postcode.
Bingley Music Live, now in its eighth year as the festival we know today, overruns Bingley's Myrtle Park on the last weekend of every summer. That weekend before the kids/teachers go back to school and everyone else faces the realisation that they have spent their entire annual leave entitlement in three months (and can only remember half of it).
What better weekend then, to round off what has been a great summer for us, than with one of our biggest shows to date.
Having been regular attendees of this little gem of a festival for a number of years we have seen some phenomenal acts grace it's ever expanding stages and, with last year's awe-inspiring performance from Chic still a very lucid memory, the opportunity to be part of this year's bill was a great honour. 
We'd like to sincerely thank everyone involved with the festival. We have never felt so welcomed at any event and had a great time all weekend. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed our set and has been in touch since. 

On site we bumped into the ever lovely Michelle Dalgety of BCB Radio (and West Yorkshire music in general) after she'd managed to catch some of our set. You can hear our interview here. She also wrote these very complimentary words about us and all the other great talent on show. You can read her accounts of the weekend here.
The allure of backstage pie in the catering tent and an unfortunately timed interview led to us missing the first half of Night Engine's set but the three and half songs we saw were a real mutual highlight. Ever since our sets clashed at Live At Leeds we've been wanting to catch this Bowie-channelling, disco-manifesting quartet and they did not disappoint. Anticipation for their album is rife in the Daggers camp.
Another ill timed billing came at the start of Sunday where we were sorry to find ourselves clashing with the highly talented Down Reno. Having played with this americana/folk inspired outfit before we were not surprised to hear so many glowing appraisals for their performance.
Known for it's exceptionally diverse lineup, this year's Bingley Music Live was no different. With acts spanning nearly all the generations present in the crowd, the weekend was provided with a soundtrack that evidenced why this festival is growing year on year and is the perfect place to say au revoir to the summer months.

Monday 18th August


Happy Daggers are pleased to announce that they will be taking part in the forthcoming Freshers festivities by playing a FREE gig at the City Campus’ Stage 2, on Monday September 29th. The event will be a great induction to Leeds’ flourishing music scene, with fellow local bands Taboids and Glacier Pacific also playing, in one of the city’s best and most spacious venues.

We’ll keep you up to date with information in the coming weeks, but for now save the date and we’ll see you there.

Monday 11th August


After a great summer, playing some amazing events across the country, it's almost time for the festival fun to finish. Fortunately though, we do have one last bigshow to play, at what can only be described as Yorkshre's fastest growing festival - Bingley Music Live. If last year's momentous closing show, featuring Nile Rodgers, is anything to go by once again the festival will be the perfect way to close out the summer.

So, if you have't already, get your tickets then come and check us out on the second stage at 11:50 on Sunday.

Sunday 27th July


After another great weekend, at what must have been the most successful Mustard Stock event yet, burgeoning journalist, Beth K Wilson has put together a great video about the weekend. Not only does the featurette display the great atmosphere, food, drink, and weather experienced by the many festival goers, it is also soundtracked by our very own 'Get Yourself Together'.

Wednesday 9th July


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Monday 7th July


The past weekend saw the Festival season really pick up the pace for us, with a 260 mile round trip to two festivals in under 48 hours.

Firstly, we headed down to Peterborough for the Curious Yellow Weekend. This perfectly chilled little festival was an ideal way to get the season started. What the event lacked in size, with an attendance limited to 500 people, it more than made up for in substance. Organised by Daniel James for the past 3 years, Curious Yellow is intended to bring a small community of likeminded music lovers, artists, and friends together for one weekend. Working within these parameters, James and his crew managed to put together a vibrant yet relaxing festival.

What really made the event stand out was the fact that it embraced sounds from the wider world of music, rather than merely trying to play to the lowest common denominator. From the Afro-Beat of Freedom Culture, to the Soul-Pop sounds of Lem & The White Fire, to the Gypsy and Jazz inspired Echo Trails, there was a great range of musical talent on display.

So, after a day basking in the Peterborough sunshine listening to quality music, we really enjoyed our headline set. The highlight of which had to be a large swathe of the crowd jumping on stage to join us for our encore! Thanks to everybody who got involved, and we’re hoping that some of the amazing pictures that were taken get sent our way soon…

After a serious night of post-gig revelry, we packed up our tents, threw our gear into the van, and headed back up the A1 to Ilkley. With 30 minutes to spare, we arrived at the town’s official Tour De France hub event, jumped on stage and performed for the crowds enjoying the tail end of the festivities.

With Yorkshire pride running at an all time high, it was clear how happy the spectators, the organisers, and the artists were to have been part of such an amazing international sporting event.

Friday 27th June


Phil Harrison, presenter of The Yorkshire Post’s music podcast: Postmusic, featured ‘Pitch Black’ in this week’s show. As well as playing music from Leeds favourites Hope and Social, Dancing Years, and Sam Airey, the latest news about Happy Dagger’s forthcoming EP and live dates were discussed.

The Podcast is another great way of keeping in touch with all of the best new music, and live music events, coming out of the region. And with such a wealth of amazing music to choose from, it’s definitely worth a listen.

The podcast can be streamed from the following link on the Yorkshire Post’s website: PostMusic

Monday 23rd June


‘American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses, took off backwards from an airfield in England. Over France, a few German fighter planes flew at them backwards, sucked bullets and shell fragments from some of the planes and the crewmen…’

In Slaughterhouse 5, the semi-autobiographical novel based on his experiences during the Second World War, Kurt Vonnegut describes a war in reverse. I have the extract pinned to my wall. It’s been a long standing favourite read of mine, so when Fold used footage of a backwards air-raid at their Whitecloth Gallery single launch, I was transfixed.

Like Vonnegut’s bombers gathering the power of huge munitions back into their controlled state, Fold are exciting and incredibly tight. Amazingly, according to drummer Kane, they don’t play to a backing track, preferring to rely on “hard work, practise, and getting it wrong shit loads of times”. Like Public Service Broadcasting, they use samples as their front man, and the musicianship behind makes for an energetic, enticing sound. We’re glad to be able to say we’ve shared a stage in the past with this Leeds/New York hybrid, who are clearly going far.

Further to the accolades Fold have recently received from the likes of BBC 6 Music, they were featured in the latest edition of NME alongside Invisible Hands. Luckily for us, and everyone at Whitecloth Gallery, Invisible Hands were also on the bill. Channelling the sounds of melodic indie rock from the 90s, Invisible Hands really captivated the audience with their performance. The band creates a huge swell of sound, that strangely lies somewhere between The Pixies and The Cribs. This powerful music is also aided by Jack Simpson’s entertaining yet natural stage presence, and his command of the room.

Both Fold and Invisible Hands were releasing a split single via recently established Leeds label: All My Friends. There was clearly a real buzz at this gig. But more importantly, there seems to be an increasing focus on the great music that is coming out of this city. With these two bands having a considerable amount of light shone on them, we can definitely expect to be hearing more from them and All My Friends very soon.


Wednesday 18th June


Last night we received another great piece of news. Happy Daggers have been nominated for the 'Outstanding Yorkshire Artist/Band of 2014' by the Yorkshire Gig Guide.

This award will be one of nine to be presented to members of the Yorkshire music scene, who have made outstanding contributions this year, on Friday 8th August.

Although there are many great Yorkshire bands in the running for this accolade, simply being nominated is amazing. We are always hugely grateful to all who support us. So we need to say a big thank you to the Yorkshire Gig Guide, and anybody involved with this nomination.

Voting is open to the public until Sunday 6th July. Simply follow this link, and give us your vote. Ah, go on!

Tuesday 17th June


We are thrilled to announce that Happy Daggers will be playing the ELFM stage at Beacons Festival, on Friday 8th August.

East Leeds FM are returning to Beacons festival this year, with their very own stage, showcasing some exceptional local and national talent. As is their ethos with the radio station, the ELFM stage will provide many Beacons festival goers with a great opportunity to see some amazing bands that they may not have seen before, or have only recently heard about.

Amongst the plethora of great acts, are a few Daggers friends and favourites. Firstly, FOLD, who have been doing exceptionally well with their most recent track, Be Water My Friend. The single is an amazing piece of trip-hop, which uses an inspired sample of Bruce Lee at his coolest, and has been showcased on BBC6 Music recently.

DANCING YEARS, will also be performing on the ELFM stage. We first championed this band a few years back in our first ever mailing list post, when they were called JOSEPH AND DAVID. Since listening to Falling Wood (a wonderfully beautiful track that somehow manages to find the perfect balance between pathos and euphoria). Also continuing to do well, the band have recently released their latest single: Here's To My Old Friends via Hide and Seek Records.

With numerous other great acts to play this stage and the rest of the festival, Beacons promises to be another real highlight of 2014.  

Saturday 14th June


This week we received some more information and promotion for Corbridge festival, which is taking place just under a month's time on Saturday 12th July.

Happy Daggers will be sharing a stage with Scottish cult legends Big Country. The band, most famed for their 80s track In a Big Country, will be serving up large slices of their unique sound - which blends folk, alternative, and new wave expertly. 

Also, on the main stage will be 90s star Rozalla, who is most well known for her 1992 hit Everybody's Free, Ball-Zee, the UK's undefeated 3x beat box champion, and ex Seahorses front man Chris Helme.

The event promises to be a great day for all, whether families, or larger groups of music lovers looking for an all day party. 

Sunday 8th June 


Happy Daggers are pleased to announce that they have confirmed a headline slot at Leeds Waterfront Festival, on Sunday 29th June. The free event will span the city's riverside areas (from Clarence Dock to Brewary Wharf) and will provide some of the best food, drink, and entertainment that Leeds has to offer. We'll keep you updated, when we get more information, but rumour has it that we'll be playing on a stage in the middle of the dock somewhere! 

Thursday 22nd May


Over the past 7 days, Happy Daggers have been fortunate enough to have been supported, once again, by some of the Yorkshire's best radio. On Thursday 16th, Pitch Black was first aired on BCB Radio, for the Yorkshire Music Collective show. Then, on Saturday 18th, the track was played on BBC Introducing West Yorkshire. A huge thanks goes out to both Alan Raw - who also branded Happy Daggers as a 'really good' live band who should be seen - and, Michelle Dalgety for their continued support in promoting the band's music.

Sunday 18th May 


We are absolutely ecstatic to announce that Happy Daggers will be performing at Bingley Music Live this August!

Yesterday, the boys were part of a great event at The Exchange, in Keighley, which saw 8 bands vying for a place at the festival. The competition was very tough, and there was a palpable feeling of tension in the room as the names were called out. Thankfully, Happy Daggers' name was called out first, followed by Down Reno, The Barmines, and Tropical Contact. Congratulations to all involved, and a special thanks to The Exchange, Musician's Centre, and everybody else involved in the event.

Saturday 10th May


A few months ago, we were fortunate enough to be involved in a great little project – organised by Leeds Retail Organisation. The result is a wonderfully stylish video, which showcases the city of Leeds amazingly. Today, the video has been posted on the Yorkshire Evening Post’s website – accompanied by a great little article about the making of the video. 

Monday 5th May


It's been an absolutely immense bank holiday for Happy Daggers. Firstly, there was a fabulous response to their midday Live at Leeds set at Oporto. Although they were amongst the bands who opened the city-fest, the room was packed from start to finish with an amazing crowd of energetic and supportive music lovers.  Special thanks go to all who followed the band on Twitter and Facebook - then helped to spread the word throughout the day.

Puzzfest, in Sowerby Bridge, kept the weekend rolling with another great reception from an overflowing courtyard. Playing just before The Covelles, the band were watched by hundreds of lively Puzzle Hall Inn locals, including many who displayed their own talents for throwing uniques shapes.

All in all, a great weekend was had by all. Big love to all new Daggers, and continued love to all Daggers who continue to support the band.

Wednesday 30th April 


Over the past 3 days, Happy Daggers have been fortunate enough to have been mentioned in the Yorkshire Evening Post. From articles about an official Live at Leeds compettion, to news about The Hold Steady, and Palma Violets, the band have been mentioned each day as a highlight of the event. So, a huge thanks to the Yorkshire Evening Post for the promotion. Let's all keep spreading the word, and make sure that the city Fest gets started (at 12pm @ Oporto) in the best way possible.

Today's article: New act is revealed for Live at Leeds gig

Friday 25th April


Our good friends at Oporto (and Dead Young Records) have put together some very cool looking promotion for the upcoming Live at Leeds day of musical festivities. The poster is not only reminiscent of classic 80s film Smokey and the Bandit, it's also a huge nod to the revelry expected at the venue over the bank holiday weekend. Happy Daggers are looking forward to opening the Oporto stage for the event, at 12pm. If you haven't got your tickets yet, you can still get them from Jumbo Records, Luna Tickets, or from the official Live at Leeds website. Then add yourself to the the event page, spread the word, and kick of your Saturday by heading down to catch the boys play.

Monday 21st April


After recently being confirmed for Veg Out 2014, Danny took part in a little interview for the event. The article Covers topics such as veggy grub, to the local music scene, to the origins of Happy Daggers.

You can find the piece on the official VEG OUT Facebook page, alongside loads of information about the event itself.

Sunday 20th April


Yesterday, Danny and Sinc headed ino town for Record Store Day 2014. The national event, which is heavily supported by BBC6 music, is a crucial day in the calender for music retailers. With live performances at Jumbo Records, rewards for early-bird customers at Crash Records, and the  sale of numerous limited edition CDs and Vinyls across the city, it was a great day for music lovers. Once again though, the message from musicians, Djs, and retailers, was that customers should visit stores as regularly as possible - not just on special days like this.

Saturday 19th April


The official video for Happy Daggers' forthcoming single, Pitch Black, has now been released. It's another great piece of creative video making from the exceptionally talented Roger Armstrong. Once again, the boys are so happy with Roger's work they have already began work on another video for their next release in a few months.

Pitch Black will be released on CD, and all digital platforms on Monday 5th May.

Monday 1st April


So, the boys were very fortunate to be involved in a very exclusive premiere screening of Leeds Retail Association's upcoming video promoting all things amazing about Leeds. Keep a look out for the video, and a cheeky little Happy Daggers' cameo!

Wednesday 2nd April


Keep your eye on our Tour Dates section, we're in the process of putting up some very exciting gigs for the spring/summer period - including:





and a first appearance at one of Yokshire's best festivals!

Saturday 22nd March


Today Happy Daggers headed back into Eiger Studios to continue recording their new EP, with producer Si McGrath. Despite the usual high levels of ridiculousness,it was a very productive day - with the bones being laid down for the final 3 tracks to go on the up-coming release. 

Keep a look out for the first release, and video, from the EP - 'Pitch Black' - which will be released very soon.

For info on recording check out Eiger Studio's official website.

Sunday 9th March


Saturday night's headline gig at the Cockpit was expected to be quality after an early sell-out, but Happy Daggers were absolutely blown away by the reception they received from everybody who attended. It was an amazing show, and the after party at The Maven was pretty immense too!

Friday 7th March


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Happy Daggers will be playing LIVE AT LEEDS 2014! Last year's performance at the event was definitely one of the highlights of 2013, so we're expecting big things again from the festival.

Keep up to date with news about the festival here:


Wednesday 5th March


Happy Daggers had a great time at the Gered Makowitz exhibition. The legendary music photographer was at White Cloth Gallery, in Leeds, to unveil his iconic Jimmy Hendrix exhibition. After opening the night with a stripped down set, the boys listened to Gered discuss his amazing history photographing music legends, then they were lucky enough to be quickly snapped themselves.

Read this amazing review of the event: Culture Vulture Review

Check out Gered Mankowitz's official site here:

Saturday 22nd Febrary


Wow! With weeks left until Happy Daggers take to the stage for their first Cockpit headline show, it seems like you guys have all been very busy buying your tickets. Huge thanks to everybody who has got on it early, If you haven't got your tickets yet then I'm afraid the night is completely sold out. Keep watching the website and we'll hopefully catch you next time.

Sunday 18th January 2014


This month saw some rather exciting televisual news for Happy Daggers, as the band's track 'Heartstrings' was part of an episode of Channel 4's Hollyoaks. While an explosive scene was being played out in The Dog, the track helped to set the scene in the background.

If you haven't already seen it, check it out on 4OD (about 10 mins in) while you still can...

You can also buy the track from here: